lost girl…

This is the continuation of my last post when a wish comes true…..here is the short description of my last post .One fine day I woke up to find myself in the room of a complete stranger who didn’t seem to know me.I painfully found out that i didn’t seem to know me either .I tried hard to recollect details about me but in vain.Now I stand in front of that persons house without a single penny and without the merest idea where to go….


I was too weak to move or to behold my tears .I screamed into darkness as rain poured down on me.I cried with no one to hear,no one to notice.I didn’t have strength even to cry,but grief was more powerful than my weakness.My tears dissolved in the rain.The sky was turning dark,fear embraced me.Blood curling shrieks of wild animals howling,and barking of dogs grew louder as the rain stopped.I clanged on the gate of his house when a stray dog came to me barking furiously.my fear knew no bounds .I didn’t mind dying but I was scared and confused.I didn’t know what to do the dog moved towards me.But someone threw a stone on that dog which ran away fast barking.

I turned to look at my savior he was a little boy of five totally drenched with torn and tattered clothes.He looked at me with curiosity.i looked at him such a fragile little boy.I learned from him that he escaped from a circus.Soon we were acquainted with each other .We were hungry but I was happy I was not lonely anymore .He seemed to understand me he believed me and loved me.I was not a scared weak girl anymore I told myself.I hugged the little boy holding him near me.I knew he is all I have plus I owe him my life

I don’t know when I slept.It was nearly dawn when I woke up but the boy was missing i searched for him he was nowhere .Tears engulfed my eyes as I realized I lost him.I sat there in front of the house too weak even to cry my eyesight was blurring .It was morning a few people on morning jog looked at me curiously .The guy from the house came out in his jogging clothes bewildered he asked”you didn’t leave”.

A few people was paying attention.He told me “come in”.He pulled me inside his house and asked”what do you want?”

“why do you torture me”tears overflowed my eyes .I tried to speak but my voice choked ,my breath was short .I cried for oxygen my lungs were aching,my vision started blurring again I collapsed into his hands.

When I regained my consciousness a nurse was by my side.I slowly got up I recognized that this was that guys room.I asked the nurse “how long was i unconscious?.”

she smiled at me and replied”three days”.the guy walked in.the nurse moved out he looked at me and asked”at least now can you remember who you are?” .I looked down I mumbled “sorry”.

“So be ready to run away my friend will be here with lie detector.if you were lying girl i swear i will tear you up .do you get it”.he said .i stretched myself on his bed wondering to myself what life has in store for me .but i was happy at least he provided me a place to sleep.he is not bad after all.

By 3 pm a tall handsome guy came with few people they arranged a lot of wires and a machine .He was not cold as the  guy he smiled at me and asked me to relax when i gave him a nervous glance.He fixed a lot of wires on my head “I am peter can we start ” he asked I nodded.

“Who are you”?he asked .I answered ” I don’t know”.he asked me a lot of questions and all my answers were “I don’t know”.It lasted for nearly an hour.Peter moved to the other guy  and told him”whatever she told was true.”

The guy gave me an exasperated look “okay,i will help you find who you are”.’first name her’ peter said “i don’t know is a perfect name for her”.”please john”retorted peter .it was then i understood the guys name was john.At last  they came up with a name for me i was named” torture”.

I stayed in his house .I realized  he was a very rich and busy man.It was three days I am staying in his house .I didn’t want to be a burden I moved to his side during his breakfast “I want to work?”.he looked at me annoyed  he gave out a laugh “what do you know torture,you don’t know your own name .”he said.

I was taken aback but i know he was a good man.I moved away.He was not cold to me anymore.He treated me like a family but I never got to see the world outside.One day during dinner he told”torture,I never actually liked you I allowed you to stay because i didn’t want my parents to know that I have a girl crying in front of my house but now I feel that you should meet someone, the girl i am gonna marry”.I felt a pain in my heart because I actually started loving him but I smiled”did u get any information on who i am”.He looked concerned “no “. He spoke  at times about his business problems and i nodded .I found out he doesn’t  have many friends.

At times he played his guitar.i listened.it was a Friday evening a cute tall girl came with him.”Clare”she said as she shakes my hand briefly.he seemed to love her i seemed like dying.they were very busy together i retired to my room .i was in tears.it was really a stupid feeling.i knew i didn’t deserve him but my heart spelled otherwise.i cried hard it was months since i cried .

About 10 pm at night Clare came to my room.She was the stupid witch who stole my john.But i smiled she was not actually bad.she said “i will not call you torture.i will call you Alice it was the name of my little sister who died when she was ten.Your eyes remind me of her .it must be hard not to know who you are one fine day.john told me everything he really loves you a lot dear he changed a lot .Thanks for making him a better person”.

I hugged her and cried she was like a sister to me .She deserves him i told myself .it was harder, more harder than I ever thought more harder than not knowing your own name.Tears silently raced down my cheeks.

The very next day Clare took me to her house .Her parents were very nice to me .i felt more like a family.I envied her.things were smooth until a fortnight when I overheard Clare’s conversation with her parents .They were not pleased to have me in their house. Clare argued I didnt want to be a burden to anyone.I ran off I walked in the dark in the pathless ways with tear filled eyes I didnt know where I reached .I felt few footsteps behind me .It moved closer I turned to find few men and catcalls followed .I ran and ran I didnt know where I reached somewhere dark.I have lost them for good.As I  turned around i found myself in a dark forest. i swallowed hard.Fear gripped me. I am all alone once again.





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