Evergreen boyfriend of Indian girls

It has always been a question what type of guy does a girl prefer.There is a guy who has captured majority of hearts of Indian girls for centuries ,hey friends I am not speaking about Bollywood actors…can you guess who it is……

I am speaking about none other than god Krishna. You may laugh at me initially but read  this I will prove you wrong. Normally kids are devotional and pious in their childhood they turn into atheist in their teens  but I was a vice versa I was not actually an atheist but I didn’t give a damn to god when I was a kid though I hail from an orthodox Hindu family,  now turned a devotee .The reason behind that transition,I will tell in my later posts. I have never consider god as my boyfriend  because I am peculiar person,a total headache to my family .My friends ,my family, my relatives young or old almost every female is a devotee of Krishna,well I can tell the look upon Krishna moreover as their boyfriend.I can recollect once my cousin remarked if you are a girl you will love Krishna.

Well,girls nowadays are not mad like Meera to spend their entire life considering god as their boyfriend .They dont tell their husband he is just a substitute but the century old culture of Krishna being the guy in every girl’s heart still remains .According to our mythology Lord Ram is considered as the best male who upholds boundless virtues but girls still love Krishna. It mainly  because every kid in Hindu household is introduced to story of Krishna from the age the kid can hear.The kid is introduced to stories of his irresistible good looks,or him being a model lover and his supernatural powers.

When I was about five I knew all the stories about Krishna but still my mom tells them even now.The culture goes on your mom loves the same guy Krishna ,you will love him and so does your daughter.But these girls who fall in love with Krishna tells they love him for his good looks is ignorant that Krishna is a person with dark complexion.

Everyone loves a naughty kid may be that is why the stories of Krishna capture the heart of almost every Hindu. I look upon Krishna’s story as a wonderful work  .After I read bhagavat gita I felt immense respect and devotion towards god.This impact is actually the work of the writer the person with immense talent the person who made his character secure a permanent position in the DNA of Indian girls.

I wish my mom or dad will never read this blog they might be mad at me .But still being different is not a mistake,god is my best friend my refuge.My perspective quite different from others the whole lot out there who consider god as their boyfriend.And an advice for guys if you want to impress girls you should learn somethings from god Krishna,because he is the dream boy of almost every girl .


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  1. It’s understandable, and there’s certainly nothing pathological or unethical about it.

    But it’s important to remember that no man can measure up to a god.

    I have read profiles of many Christian women on dating sites–Match.com primarily–who emphatically say that Jesus Christ is the only man for them.

    After asking them (to myself) what the hell they’re doing looking for another man, then–I stay away from them. Because Jesus Christ is a perfect human being, in Christian theology–so such a woman would automatically dismiss any man she meets, because he couldn’t possibly measure up to a perfect human being.

    I am even wary of women who seem excessively devoted to their fathers. Such women are really incestuous daddy’s girls (the equivalent of mama’s boys)–so they’re twisted. But again they set their fathers on unrealistic pedestals that no other men can reach.

    It is good to have fantasies, and it is good to have figures–historical, religious, or mythical–that embody the kind of person one desires romantically.

    But it is very important to remember that no one can ever measure up to a historical, religious, or mythical figure one idolizes.

    It is good to have standards in mate selection–but we must be realistic and flexible with our standards.

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