Is harry potter your all time favorite??

“Y do you still read Harry Potter?”This is the question asked to me by all my friends and well wishers .They ask me”why dont you try to grow up why are you still reading children books?”.Perhaps I dont have an answer, I love harry potter may be because it was my first book,or I fell a prey to unfolding magical charm of Rowling’s writings.Or indeed may be I didnt wish to grow up.I stick around harry potter reading it rereading it  like some sort of bible  completely drawn towards it.I read harry potter for the first time in my fourth grade and still keep on reading it.

A girl of my age must actually be drawn into romances but I dont know why I dont give a damn to it .I read them just because it is a book and I if I love the plot but nothing creates an impact like harry potter did.I can recollect a few years back a teacher of my college was criticizing harry potter I felt like hitting her hard on the face but manners I hold myself back (especially to escape the punishment aftermath).I read books,It is better to say I gobble books down November I read more than 50 books.I am banned to read books in my house .My parents will disinherit me if I read anymore books.They have stopped buying me books .I actually dont like ebooks but now they are my only refuge .I sneak out at night to read books.I am not sure is it because of harry potter being my first book I am not easily pleased with books.I read Chetan Bhagats books just to laugh hard.I have read more books than anyone around me still never found one better than harry potter.

I am at times insane until my sixth grade  believed I too would get a letter from Hogwarts.I make sure I read the whole series at least once in a month.Is it because of Harry a poor innocent boy with a scar who is ready to sacrifice his life for his friends,the wonderful Weasley family,Hedwig ,Hagrid or I wish to have a principal Dumbledore with his long beard and quick wit,the quiddich ,the snitch,the gryffindor common room,the dark forests,the phoenix,dobby the house elf  or butter beer and three broomstick or is it Snape’s selfless love towards Harry or power hungry Voldemort or the magic itself which unfolds in every page bewitched me.

I wish Hogwarts castle was true Harry was real the hallows and hocruxes were real .I wish to walk in those corridors ,practice those spells learn transfiguration and charm run around wear cloaks be a witch but almost everything is impossible .but as long as harry potter books makes kids to read it is magic in itself.Magic that introduces kids to read makes them to dream to imagine .What do you think?


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      1. I’m lucky, because I’ve only read four parts of Harry Potter. I wish to die reading remaining part of Harry Potter so that my the excitement I feel in life never ends eternally then I become ghost and read Harry Potter again and again like Peeves.

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      2. I want to make the moment when I read the book forever, like it never happened to be nostalgic. Last time, when I started reading fourth part Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire , I haven’t slept for two nights just to read more and more. I couldn’t let go that book more than 2 inches away. When you’re petrified eat chocolates. I love quidditch and I really laughed at all practical jokes of Fred and George Weasely. Oh God, if we go and go on like this we would get PhD degree in Harry Potter.

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      3. true….just to walk through the corridors of Hogwarts….to watch quiddich to drink butter beer in three broom stick at hogsmeade….or sneak out in night to forbidden forest …to eat every flavored beans.
        to do charms and desperately to use unforgivable curse on my rivals…..

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      4. 50 points to gryffindor house for beautiful answer by’re really explained life in Hogwarts in 3 lines. And to play with Hagreed’s giant and dangerous pet animals who always help Herry to achieve his goals..

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      5. I an anagha …..its been three years since I spoke with someone like you .
        harry potter fans are scarce in my college my friends run hither and thither if I spell the word harry.
        yes the giant beetle eyed man hagrid…dragon (norbert) Did you forget Dumbledore and snape..?..the best ever headmasters hogwarts ever had.
        Hmm….so sad we missed our hogwarts letter

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      6. you really remember all the names mentioned in Harry Potter. The humor of Dumbledore do you remember in third part when Bucklebeak was going to be executed. Dumbledore was stopping executor so funnily. I should put my full name in paper . which was actually hillaerious it was in a movie to but the people who has only watched movie has no idea about it. Yes, I remember Nobert unfortunately cold eyed Draco seen him…i’m going to reveal one secret the actual reason I started this book because..about six months ago…and my crush was talking about Harry Potter with me without taking any brathe. I was just listening to her without blinking. I was just lost . I know..God..please…she won’t read your blog

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      7. so she must be an harry potter fan too great….at least you have someone to speak about harry potter.
        yeah I remember names in harry potter but I always get confused with the names of students in my college.

        well if I read my academics at least half the way as I read hp I would have ended up as a university topper unfortunately academic books arent much fun.

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      8. nd I’ve heard that half of the Indian population is fool…I left engineering at my first year…nd now I’m in Bsc IT…BscIT is like a bastard son of engineering… which is same as engineering but all students and parents want to keep distance from them

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