A lesson taught by life….

I was once taught ,

rage hatred and stress leads to ruin,

perhaps  they are mistaken,

I have interred it shows us the truth upright.

by instilling the passion from its slumber.

whereas love peace and affection are deceptive,

we lie inert dreaming under its canopy,

Forgetting the world around me….fooled by sweet words and wretched lies.

And when we wake up its always too late,

for all that will remain is a broken heart and a weary mind.




Walking home…..

A girl of fifteen is walking alone in the pavement.As she paces forward her hands steadily wipes the tears that spurts down her cheeks.As a person walking behind her I wondered what must have really bothered her,I decided against asking her because she is a complete stranger to me,but some sort of inquisitiveness overtook me…I walked slowly with my eyes fixed on her…..why am I interested in this girl I dont know.

I started guessing what might be the reason behind her tears,possibly she had a breakup.Is that always necessary a guy be the reason behind a girl’s tears…?,may be because it always turns out like it ,doesnt it.Not in my case I have never cried for a guy well I am an odd one.If a guy was the reason my advice would be to give him a black eye,but no one actually follows my advice.

I follow her she is twice my size ,yes of course younger than me.Her bag and shoes are branded I guessed she must belong to my school,a lot of rich brats study there.I am really good at guessing .I look down at my slippers it is on the verge of tearing,but my friends are really good hearted they always tell all sort of gross things suit me…normally when I wear different top for different duppata and shawl.

I turn around to walk towards my house,our eyes meet….that strange girl smiles wiping her tears,smiling and waving at me.I turn around to see if she was waving to somebody else but I am the only person other than her on road.She walks away telling “bye Anagha”.I smile back faintly.

How come she know my name?I am puzzled .I dont know her,weird world.I walk home confused ……



My broken angel……

I blamed god for my misfortunes…

until the very second I met you,

In your broken smile…and bony frame,

dear I found something I never knew I had.


I can remember those days when I cry as I hurt myself,

but now I do not have tears for my pain,

because it is been shed for yours…..

My bony broken angel ……..


You embraced your death ,

much like a warrior,walking straight with an unaltered smile.

leaving me mourning like a kid,

for you are a kid and not me….


You were weak no perhaps much stronger than me,

the day when your lips touched my cheeks…and your smile my eyes,

though you are neither my friend or foe my little angel.

your ghost haunts me still…

THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA- the book review…

Immortals of meluha,the secret of nagas and the oath of vayuputras belongs to Shiva trilogy written by Amish.I have read these books in the same year the oath of vayuputhras was published that was few years back and I cannot deny the fact that I read it in a single stretch…..

I must tell you about the mixed feelings that embraced me when I first read this book…..this book told me all that I believed relied, trusted, prayed,fasted and surrendered was just a myth…. Lord Shiva was just and a human like you and me….all those nights I stay awake in name of Shiva rathri for god Shiva to shower his grace was a fake….Do u know how hard it is stay awake for 36 hours spurning food….just chanting gods name ……and now this damn book tell me that Lord Shiva is a human….and all those stories which my mom and grannies told was a lie…..I was shattered,angry and confused…..I would have tore Amish apart with bare hands  for this blasphemy….but I kept reading…..getting more frustrated…because this book questioned my belief on which I was brought up…

As I paced forward on my journey through the book something was changing ,it was my outlook….I was changing….I once believed in god now adore him…this book redefined my faith in more practical manner…My dad really loved the concept of this book but my mom considered me speaking about this book as blasphemy…Dad tells this story is much practical than the myth……

And now let me tell about the story…..

Who wont love the good looking,kind hearted,hot tempered,cool dancer,a brave warrior cum leader…that is what lord Shiva is in this book…..

The book underlies the foolishness of belief of the birth of god neelkanth….and how shiva a hard core warrior is introduced in there…

I really loved the romance between lord Shiva and beautiful princess cum warrior Sati…..how loyal how true…

The possessive father Daksha……his obsession towards his daughter Sati turned fatal to her….well that belongs to third book…

I really loved the innocence and simplicity of lord shiva in this book and how he was against the discrimination called vikarma…

There were beautiful protrayed characters like Nandhi,Veerbadhra and Parvetshwar…..The scientist Brihaspati ,the doctor Ayurvati……

I must tell you this book changed my out look it is a beautiful book….I think it is a much better version of the myth….I am not angry with Amish any more because….I know I took Shiva rathri to make myself tough ….I fasted for my own good……

I can easily exist with just an hours sleep….and can go without food based on situations and I am rather healthy…and it is the outcome taking Shiva rathri…..God really did make me strong by his blessings…..It is not a boring tale or philosophy on religion…It is an interesting novel…..and you can understand the rich heritage of ancient India.

This book shows us how a simple man rose into the position of a god….or perhaps his actions were divine may be that is why he is called a god.The god or person who introduced and established yoga ,meditation and …..be it a story or myth its fun to read it….

I give this book five stars…..It is a good book and you must really give it a try…

Have you heard of this book or read it?//tell me what you feel…..



The witch of portobello….book review

Many people referred me this book for years I dont know why I was never able to read it…..but I read it recently

This book is nothing what its name underlies,I read this book ,thinking it will turn out like the secret circle or any other witch story……but it was much more….more practical.I must tell you I am a person who would rather never reads these type of books,,,,,but this book is exceptional.While I read half the way I knew this book is nothing I searched for but I cant put it down because it has much more than I bargained for….

The plot is simple , it is the search of a girl Athena( a divorcee,a single mother of her little son) for herself…. spiritualism….or perhaps more…I still don’t know why I like it but I cant deny the fact I read it in a single stretch……the book doesn’t have suspense or cliff hangers but it is beautiful…..you can never guess what happens next….the book doesn’t break your head or pull up your adrenaline….but gives you beautiful mild read….I did travel with Athena in her journey unknowingly…..this book was a refuge to me a person….who has been reading terrible books recently…

I really loved Athena as she walks everywhere with her little kid in her hands….she is a strong woman with a strong resolution…..very brave though not fighting with a sword but really brave..really made me think a person doesn’t require a sword to be brave.

And the climax was astounding…..for god sake awesome….it turned out to be something I never dreamt of….Athena really bewitched me….I assure you if you read this book you will have the same opinion…..

if not tell me…..

Y do I live??

I sit here in darkness because I am scared of light.The light reveals the truth which  I least welcome,perhaps I hate.I am contented in my splendid ignorance,because reality hurts me more than any maladies.How long will I run,I should face it one fine day,why not today because I have nay courage.My tears always unanswered.

I turn suicidal,but I will never kill myself.My decisions have always been my folly,my love my foe.It was an utter stupidity to hear to my heart.When people tell me hear to your heart I am gonna kick them hard because that is why I suffer.I have lost my hope on goodness beyond the horizon.Darkness is now my friend,sorrow my ally…..happiness looks far unreachable.I have accommodated myself to this darkness of life.I knew I am turning weary.Unable to hold on…..my love and compassion backfired on me.

The fire in my heart succumbed to ashes I carry these ashes of past haunting my present,well do I have a present,drowning myself in fathoms of misfortune unable to breath I suffocate….I cry with no one to hear,my wounds are now scars but still it hurts…I know I am alone no prince charming or miracle to save me….but I feel weak….I am accompanied by my loneliness like an old friend…we walk together my shadow follows me one fine day it will to cease to follow…..but I will still walk,well do I have an other option because it was my choice….I suffer.

I was a fool who spurned my fortune for something more worthless.My kith and kin stares at me with hatred filled eyes.every syllable they utter pierces my heart like a dagger,driving me hysterical,my senses aloof my hands cold and numb.No one seems to understand my grief,the pain my heart is going through.My heart hurts it feels heavy but why doesnt it stop I wish it did.When people pester me with queries I dont have an answer other than tear filled eyes.I dont know why I still live.