My first book review-persuasion

I am not sure if I have the right to review the book of literary legend like Austen’s work but still I am trying to tell what I felt after reading the book persuasion.It is really hard for a book to please me but this is an exception.

I became an ardent fan of Jane Austen a few years back when I first read pride and prejudice .I never liked love stories until I read that book ,but I can never refrain myself from liking Austen’s work because her work is surely a masterpiece.

Persuasion is the story of a sensible girl called Anne Elliot who is of least importance in her house ,she is not loved and rarely noticed by her dad Mr Walter Elliot or sister Elizabeth.Anne’s decisions are always influenced by others especially by Lady Russell ,she is persuaded by others to take wrong decision in her nineteen years by rejecting Mr Wentworth which she corrects in her twenty eight year.

It is a beautiful love story of Anne and captain Wentworth.Their insecurities ego pride and above all love,and Mr Elliot Anne’s cousin a cruel person who looks good in outward appearance and a good friend Mrs Smith are beautiful characters that captures the readers heart. As I read about twenty pages I clearly knew how the story is gonna end so there was no element of suspense but the sequence of scenes conversation and style of writing gripped me on to reading the book.I can relate myself to Anne at the time she decides’ is it right is it wrong,will my deeds hurt others,am I doing the right thing ,thinking speaking to myself questioning and again rethinking’ it is the same thingĀ  which I do.I think there is no better writer than Austen who understand and depicts human feelings.

The fact is true that we never converse in such long paragraphs but may be people in her time spoke in long paragraphs.

But one of the the most remarkable thing is she never kills her main characters like other authors do.It really creates an impact but only weak writers I believe kill their characters to create the impact ,whereas strong writers capture the heart of the reader without killing their characters.The strong writers like Austen captures the heart of her reader by her beauty of writing and does creates an everlasting impact on me.Recently I have read lot of books which was pathetic I am not gonna name it,but after reading persuasion I have a big broad smile on my face.

It is surely one of the best books I ever read.

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