I wish to relive those days with you……but I cant….


I wish I can forget you but I lose….I cant I cry,,,,,,,,,,

I enter my native village , I walk across the fields with a heavy luggage as I mounted off the bus .I love walking across these places but with a heavy luggage it is not of much pleasure.My leg was stiff out of walking .We looked around to find an auto to hire,but found none.I pace forward on the muddy road with dirt outlining the edges of my jeans which I would have liked if my jeans weren’t new,the small neem trees on either side of the road sprinkled water on me as the cool breeze swayed their leaves.My dad was pointing at the fields on either side and the plantations and telling this belongs to our family.He repeats this every time we go there but I am not sure what belongs to us,perhaps I am not interested.”look who is there “exclaimed my dad.My uncle was coming from the plantation,we turned to speak to him.He knocked on my head ,well it is my uncle’s way of greeting me.

The conversation goes on I am totally bored and walk away to my grandparents house alone.I enter the old array of houses,these houses may be old but are large and ornate.There is a Krishna’s temple with a pond( well it is green) at the entry of the array houses ,anyone who enters this place can sense the ping of conscience that the people dwelling here are aristocratic brahmins.I pass the houses which once was inhabited by kids who were my friends not anymore.I reach the middle of the colony and turn towards a large double storied ancient house.Well,that is where my grandparents live.In front of the house there is a large space with about fifteen pillars which I used to try climbing when I was little and my brother was the only person who succeeded in doing it. I nodded my head at my grandpa and walked in,he is not really fond of me,typically he hate girls and I being a feminist hate him.

I marched in pushing the grilled door,and the large splendid looking door with innumerate carvings the house is half a splendor very spacious with lot of unused scary rooms with one secret passage which my brother showed me when I was little.I would rather suicide than staying all alone in that house  .I walk through the passage the whole family is there assembled in the hall,every one gasps as I enter because my visit was a surprise.I am welcomed by a tight hug by my brother who declared”you look like a mess”, and my little cousins pestering around me for chocolates.I give them the chocolates and take my seat next to my granny,my dearest friend in the whole world.She was busy watching the cricket match annoying me.I was frustrated but she turned to me “India is batting,just two more overs”.I laughed out loud kissing her wrinkled face.I moved to my aunts who were in next room every one was scolding me on my lack of fashion sense,well that was the only thing the girls of my family are concerned about other than me and granny.

I retire to our room well,it is large old and mostly covered in teak wood the whole house in which I stay can be fitted into two adjacent rooms in that house.I spend my time with my granny on her lap I rest my head.I stare on to her beautiful kind face.”Will you stay here until new year”granny asked.”no,I have exams”I replied.Her face fell,she looked sad and said”Stay with me for more days or you will regret,I may not be alive the next time you come”.I pressed my hands on her mouth with tear filled eyes and said”No granny please dont repeat this again I cant think of a life without you”.I play with her bangles in her wrinkled hand,with my worst fear gripping me her words instilled in me.I murmured a silent prayer and desperately begged god not to take her away from me.I love my granny the only person who understood me completely and she is the most beautiful angel I have met in my life,the angel of happiness and joy.I play with my little cousins ,hearing to their lies which only I do,they love me for that.I spend almost every time there with my granny.

She used to tell me stories of epics mythical heroes her childhood,her marriage…..every evening she reads Ramayana to me I sit there fixed staring at my angel…..she never allows my parents to scold me… ….above all my lovely sweetheart….I walk around our large garden clinging to her….she is not an old fashioned granny…..she is a person who adapts to time…she is never ignorant she is always update…..ask anything in world my granny has an answer….she has never forgotten to surprise me…a real lady of class…none of her daughters are like her …..at times I find her kindness in my daddy….but no one is like her….no one else can claim respect like she does

my granny cooks really well,a lot of snacks for me……

I accompany my brother in his dangerous experiments of climbing down the well or jumping from the roof and loitering through the forests encounters with snakes and fighting with him for eating the butter granny makes.We always fight……granny laughs at us ….I complain with mixed laughter and tears……I sleep at nights hugging my granny with her……..I really miss those days…..I cant hold back my tears……

I didn’t get to meet my granny anymore her words came true ……the next thing I heard was her death.I cried I was depressed so am I even after five years…..My brother haven’t laughed aloud after that….It really affected us …….tore our hearts……no one can replace her….

nothing is same after her death families are torn apart,I dont visit that house anymore….I never get to see my little cousins…..above all I missssssssss u granny……I want you back…..though it is impossible…..that stupid cardiac arrest separated us….you cant leave me like that ….I love you granny I miss you……I cant hold back my tears or go on further so I stop……..






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