The witch of portobello….book review

Many people referred me this book for years I dont know why I was never able to read it…..but I read it recently

This book is nothing what its name underlies,I read this book ,thinking it will turn out like the secret circle or any other witch story……but it was much more….more practical.I must tell you I am a person who would rather never reads these type of books,,,,,but this book is exceptional.While I read half the way I knew this book is nothing I searched for but I cant put it down because it has much more than I bargained for….

The plot is simple , it is the search of a girl Athena( a divorcee,a single mother of her little son) for herself…. spiritualism….or perhaps more…I still don’t know why I like it but I cant deny the fact I read it in a single stretch……the book doesn’t have suspense or cliff hangers but it is beautiful… can never guess what happens next….the book doesn’t break your head or pull up your adrenaline….but gives you beautiful mild read….I did travel with Athena in her journey unknowingly…..this book was a refuge to me a person….who has been reading terrible books recently…

I really loved Athena as she walks everywhere with her little kid in her hands….she is a strong woman with a strong resolution…..very brave though not fighting with a sword but really brave..really made me think a person doesn’t require a sword to be brave.

And the climax was astounding…..for god sake awesome….it turned out to be something I never dreamt of….Athena really bewitched me….I assure you if you read this book you will have the same opinion…..

if not tell me…..


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