Walking home…..

A girl of fifteen is walking alone in the pavement.As she paces forward her hands steadily wipes the tears that spurts down her cheeks.As a person walking behind her I wondered what must have really bothered her,I decided against asking her because she is a complete stranger to me,but some sort of inquisitiveness overtook me…I walked slowly with my eyes fixed on her…..why am I interested in this girl I dont know.

I started guessing what might be the reason behind her tears,possibly she had a breakup.Is that always necessary a guy be the reason behind a girl’s tears…?,may be because it always turns out like it ,doesnt it.Not in my case I have never cried for a guy well I am an odd one.If a guy was the reason my advice would be to give him a black eye,but no one actually follows my advice.

I follow her she is twice my size ,yes of course younger than me.Her bag and shoes are branded I guessed she must belong to my school,a lot of rich brats study there.I am really good at guessing .I look down at my slippers it is on the verge of tearing,but my friends are really good hearted they always tell all sort of gross things suit me…normally when I wear different top for different duppata and shawl.

I turn around to walk towards my house,our eyes meet….that strange girl smiles wiping her tears,smiling and waving at me.I turn around to see if she was waving to somebody else but I am the only person other than her on road.She walks away telling “bye Anagha”.I smile back faintly.

How come she know my name?I am puzzled .I dont know her,weird world.I walk home confused ……




11 thoughts on “Walking home…..

    1. She didnt look like a ghost ….if she was a ghost I look forward to meet her again…….past life ….I dont think so…perhaps I was too confused when she bid me bye….that indeed led me to write this post…stupid things like this always happen to me….giving my family and friends a fit of laughter…..


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