Every time you crossed my street,

My heart skipped a beat,

As you walk my side,

I feel more like your bride.

Your hands brush me,

Sending a shiver down my spine.

A smile ,a tear,an apology,

would have cured my agony ,

but you wished otherwise.

I act like I dont care,

but truth is I cant bear,

With a heart throbbing with pain,

I put on a fake smile in this rain,

Drifting apart kills me….dont curse me dear,

I leave you cause I love you,

For I have always desired to be by you,

But your happiness hath more value,,,

but one day you will realize,

what made me decide,,,,,to make you cry.

You know I die in your tears,

For you have never cried before….

I, the only reason for your tears,

desperately wish everything was like before,

My hands in yours…but now that is just a dream I adore,

It was a perfect goodbye ,as you depart,

A tear skips my eye and life parts my soul.



17 thoughts on “Sorry

      1. i didnt decide to leave….it is my best friends feelings…not mine….I will never fall in love….both the boy and girl are my best friends……she is my soul …..I am her tissue when she cries….he cries to me….she cries to me……but I think she did a great sacrifice by leaving him…..because she is nearly killing herself by doing it….


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