My first and best love…….

The little brown eyes….

hovering over me,

every step I take,

good bad sorrow or joy alike.


your hands wide open,

Every time I startle,

If not mom I would have been lost ,

In this wretched lot,


I cuddle under you,

Beneath your canopy of unconditional love,

The symphony of my song,

the reason of me existing.


My strength when I falter,

By my side when I shatter,

expecting nothing from me,

never can I repay you mommy.


love at first sight,

you loved me right,

When people tell true love never exist,

I think of you, true love do exist.


My spark of life you are,

by me you are, every hour,

you have never lived for you….

for you have lived for me…


working like a bee,

asking nothing in return,

perhaps there is nothing more true,

than your love my lovely mommy.


In your hands I cry…

with you I fight….

In you I live….

with you I play….


for you are my world ……my love…..above all the best mom in the world……



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