Why do things like this happen to me??????

I sit underneath my cot sipping my morning coffee….. with a throbbing head perhaps fever is having its toll on me.Learning for seven hours straight at night really did aggravate it…Sneezing and coughing I do it better than my dog…..

my mobile kept vibrating furiously….I grasped it with coffee in one hand …….an other call from an unknown number,holy crap….these calls  really do annoy me and every day I get calls from several unknown numbers….and I cant ignore these calls what if it is something important…..

I pick it up reluctantly with a foul temper if it is some stupid guy again he is gonna be dead I decided…”hello”…….There was a brief silence then a voice crackled “bugs(my pet name) dear did you forget your brother Rahul”…..I straightened a shiver ran down my spine…..my hands turned cold….”kon?”(who)….I asked with a wavering voice…..the voice on other end replied”tumhara bhaiya bewakoof”(your brother idiot)…..I lost my voice but I mustered up courage and said”Who ever you are what you are doing is not entertaining me at any cost please reveal who you are?”…The voice said”this is me Rahul my little girl”….I was sweating furiously….with silent tears rushing down my eyes…..

“Cant you understand what I mean my brother is nothing for you to play with and please dont play pranks like this?”….the voice replied”believe me or not I am your brother Rahul…..and I miss my little girl”……..The line was cut……

I sit there in silence unable to understand what is going on I swipe my phone to check out that number “christ in heaven……that number is missing…”My heart feels heavy…..my throat chokes….a thousand queries running through my head…I close my eyes with tears silently leaving it.

Rahul my brother called me….am I happy….no it must be a prank..for I know my Rahul cant call me anymore….he died seven years back…..I weep desperately unable to hold on anymore……the first thought was to call his dad Rajiv uncle for Rahul was his only son..but reminding them of their son is merciless…I can still remember the last day I meet him in hospital….he was sick his smile….and now these memories kill me…….

No one will believe me if I tell them….mom will tell it was me hallucinating due to continuous hours of studies…..My friends will blame fiction books….but I can recognize his voice…..he is my brother..though we are not related by blood he loved me like a sister…How can I not recognize him…..what happened to that number….I dont know….

I am confused but not scared….my heart is filled with grief….I wish I was not hallucinating…it was true I can feel….but everyone will tell I am imagining things….I dont have a number to prove it a prank,,,,Is it me hallucinating or a prank by some stupid guy….I am confused….love is pain….

I may be dreaming…..or perhaps imagining thinks up….is it??…..but I felt his presence….am I turning crazy …..possibly…

Is it that I am a stupid so weird things happen to me???or is it quite common…or is the other way around people dont care about these things…….Am I the only person bragging about these things…..

I sit still my coffee spilled all over my cot….confused and sick,,,,with steady tears racing down my cheeks,,,,what should I do who will believe me….no one will……Why does things like this happen only to me???????/????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


24 thoughts on “Why do things like this happen to me??????

  1. It was real for you, and that’s all that matters.

    You were the only one who had this experience–so no one but you can confirm or deny anything about it.

    For all you know, it was a prank–but for all you know, it was an authentic message from your brother in the next universe.

    A fellow college student of mine once told me this:

    His beloved grandmother had died just before his sister was born. She had made it very clear that she did not want to die before seeing her newborn granddaughter. But her wish was not granted.

    Soon after, his grandmother visited his newborn sister anyway. He saw a human figure–composed completely of light–standing above his newborn sister’s crib, looking in on her. He called out to her, and she turned toward him. She was composed completely of light–almost blinding light–but he knew it was his grandmother. And he felt her love, though he could not see her face.

    Then she vanished, having accomplished what she had intended–having seen her newborn granddaughter.

    There was no way I could honestly confirm or deny this young man’s experience. For all I knew, he had imagined it–but for all I knew, he had experienced a genuine visitation by his late grandmother.

    What we know is nothing compared to what we do not know.

    For all we know, we exist in an infinite universe–among an infinity of universes.

    So all good things truly are possible.

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  2. Anagha, I can’t tell you how well I relate to this post. It’s kind of got me in tears. I lost my cousin bro exactly 7 yrs back. He was a successful doctor. And the incident you penned is something that came into my dreams when he expired. I miss him a lot. Though he wasn’t my real bro, but treated him like my own. Thanks for the post, which had such a deep impact in my life. Luv u !

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    1. thanks pratyusha dear….when I lost my brother I was a little girl and my brother was 15…but still when I hear the word cancer….I can never hold my tears back because it stole my brother from me seperated us forever…because brothers means so much to us…he was the person who taught me to speak in hindi….I miss him…his jokes…his love….the pain of losing is very hard

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      1. Aww baby, trust me! I know how you feel. No one better than me can understand every emotion and thought occupied in your mind and heart. Brothers indeed mean so much to us! 😦 if you ever wanna speak ur heart out on it. I am always here sweetie!

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      2. yes dear…..I feel so close to you….normally when I tell about my grief my friends scold me for feeling sad for something happened years back….no one other than you seemed to understand how it affects me…and the how some wounds cant be healed even by time…

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  3. Aww. Some wounds don’t really heal even with time. It’s like a missing piece of puzzle always left incomplete. Maybe they scold you becuz they don’t want to see you sad or hurt. Always keep smiling sweetie! Life moves on without the missing pieces. But only can remember or feel their presence in our daily life!

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  4. Is it for real ! This is something very strange. As number is gone one can’t say whether it was prank or not. But then it can be a manifestation of your feelings for him. It is rare but not unheard of.

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