my happiness….lies in you…

I walk through the dusty crowded dodging myself in the grumpy tiresome traffic…the very noise of bullshit vehicle horns piercing my heads…..normally my friends will accompany me when I go out shopping but today I decided to walk in alone….

I have a brief look at the shop I am going to enter a large air conditioned book store the biggest in town ,A smile lightens my  face…at last I am gonna buy a book out of my own savings…

I walk in slowly like a kid entering a candy land…my weary eyes turned sharp glancing hungrily at every book it can see….I enter the haven of books with a blooming heart…I pass the corridors and piled up shelves….

with books of attractive covers taunting me …I smell the air..cold …I wished every book was mine …I grin as I pick a book outlined in purple like a little kid catching her prized doll….I open it….the smell of new book….oh my god mesmerizing….I go through it …I pick an other…I smile I walk around happily…all alone with no one to compel me to walk out fast….

I leisurely take an other book,my mobile rings breaking the silence and my thoughts..I attend the call to find my friend on other end..”hello where are you??”

“in town buying a book”I replied ….”I am coming “he said..

after a minute or two he enters he requires some money to pay his fees.No one gives it to him because he never returns,but I know he hates to be poor but its fate…

here you go I extend my savings ….”I am sorry “he tells…I never want to be a burden to you…but…

I assure him its ok…he looks at my hand the book with a dejected and sad look ,,,”never mind,I will purchase it some other time”I said..sporting a smile..I walk out of the shop empty handed catching his hand ….In traffic he takes care of me like a kid…he looked sad…I tickle him he smiles an empty smile….as I board on bus he tells”when I become rich I will get you all the books in this world”…..

I smile….what can I ask more than this love…this heart,,,,??/there is nothing more valuable than his friendship….his love….there are certain things more valuable than money,,,,and that is friendship…I would do anything to make him smile…

friendship at times is divine…but now I feel more happy than I ever would if I buy that book….


11 thoughts on “my happiness….lies in you…

    1. he never returns because he finds it hard to meet his own needs…he desperately wishes to return the money he borrows but it turns out some family problem or other he never has enough money…poor fellow he goes for many part time jobs still struggle to make his ends meet…


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