I sit here in dark,

so dark without a tiniest spark,

I am scared,

perhaps really scarred ….

the darkness is not out there,

its in  here I swear…..


Its not evil insight ,

but without a light,

nay a mere spark called hope,

coz light left my soul,

the day,

u left me alone….


why did you,

ever come

into my life ???

Is it???

to just make me a scum,

or just to …….

split my heart in two…. .


do you know ?

how much I cry….

just for you…

why did you walk away????

without a  merest goodbye…


why did you

make me smile???

for now

without you I forgot

how to smile….


I will never curse you

never will I hate you

I will never complain …

never will I be smiling again….


you striven hard for me,

to see me happy ,

you tore yourself,

you left me ,

coz you decided,

my life will be better ,

without you…..

but why ????

did you forget dear ,

that you are my life….


for love is peculiar…

perhaps in future….

If I ever see you ????

I will smile ,speak to you….

but deep in here,

my heart bleeds..





22 thoughts on “why????????????????????????????????????

  1. You have resourced the context well, and paid the teacher in correct negotiable value. Thus you will profit, for not too many dare incur the pain and relive it yet again by revisit in expression, in sharing it with the world. Congratulations, for you will find your potential and strength, rather than allow it to subconsciously rule a sadness.

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  2. The piece resonated with me Anagha. This question of why so troubles us, after all their promise and hope and after they had left. All the pain and anguish is captured here. You tore out your feelings here. I felt it.

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  3. Aaaw. I hope you get over this one. If they have left, then you certainly don’t deserve that and there’ll be someone better-suited with you that would make a better relationship for you.

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