when you lose hope/////…..

when your heart cries aloud,

and when you are without an abode,

when happiness looks like a distant hope,

when darkness fill you as a whole…

when you stop feeling happy anymore,


when your hearts broken stabbed and tore,

when you are alone in a crowded room,

when you dont fit in to any where around,

when destiny tears your life apart,

when your dearest ones depart,

when you live and die at the same time,


when your tears have already dried…..

when you feel life has nothing in store,…….


never do lose hope….

just close you eyes for…

A minute or so….

think about little ones

who starve all day….

and beg for a meal per day,…..


just think about

people out there …

who count their days…

just think how lucky we are

to be what we are…..


arent we  lucky???….

never blame destiny….

for there is nothing called fate,

for we decide our destiny,,,,,,,,,


this is just a passing storm,

for you are strong to outlive this storm,

if you ever have a enemy ,

he lies in you,

for your best friend too lies in you,

when you win over your demons

which pull you back….

you have conquered the world already,

it may be hard,

but it is nothing we cant…


so stop worrying and ,

start working,

with a cheerful heart….

for a better tomorrow.





14 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks so much for your blog and your openness!!!

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      thank you so much for you appreciation…

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  2. Nitin says:

    if you ever have a enemy ,
    he lies in you, ..

    Loved the poem. But the lines above hit me hard. Well written Anagha, as always, they come out straight from your heart !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. anaghamurali says:

      yes you are right…..it was just out of my heart….I have always been sad because I refuse to forget those incidents which hurt me,,,,,

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      1. Nitin says:

        Anagha.. but writing about them should help. Many a times, I felt liberated after writing about things that really hurt me.. ?

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  3. randyjw says:

    This is just simply incredible. I have a tear at the edge of my eye. Now I think that this one is your best!

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      thanks a lot….to be truthful….i wrote it to get myself out of my head…..to go ahead working….than worrying and wasting my time…….


  4. voulaah says:

    thanks so much for this post

    I just discover your blog and I’m glad to follow it to have your last publications
    I hope that you discover mine too and follow it
    How do you think about my last post: https://femmeetinfos.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/15-routines-beaute-pour-se-sentir-bien-dans-sa-peau/
    I hope to read your comments

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      i will surely read it…..

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      1. voulaah says:

        thank you 🙂

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  5. touching expression

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  6. ekvablogger says:

    verry helpful…nice thinking. .! 🙂

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