i wish I could disappear…..

i wish I could disappear,

into thin air,

and never look back,

to the world I left behind…


I inter today

no one would mourn

if I leave this world

no concern will be unfurled…


so what does my life ?

and all this strife

ever mean……

when I turn out to be..

a burden for everyone around me…


I know I brought in

this misfortune …

my folly ,the reason why I cry,

my anger and frustration

do burns relations….


I wish I could die…

my breath would leave me….

but I have to pay back debts

of my parents love and care …

so I EXIST….


I hurt people around….

I turn out to be drowned..

in my throbbing head…

sulking in others coldest stares…


I know I am wrong….

but never did I ever mean …

to be an outcast….

never did I dream ….

I would never fit in …


I wish I could

fly away

somewhere far…..

where people dont change..


but here

people change

so fast that

even chameleons

will lose a fight…

if they ever keep a ย duel …


they smile they speak..

and give in false promises….

if they ever need us..

and throw us away

like a tissue….when they dont…


i wish to run away…..

to pathless wood

and cry aloud….

cause being lonely

is always better than

false friends around….


i act like i dont care…

but truth is that…

my heart break apart


but still I cry

for the worthless ones around…

for this is the curse

of having a heart that loves…


I wish I could breath…

the fresh breeze….

but here I lie suffocating…

here I lie suffering…

just because I believed in you…




18 thoughts on “i wish I could disappear…..

      1. I learnt this late. To vent out the feelings by writing. For most part of my life I had not known how to do it. You have learnt it much earlier than I did. So you’ll only get better .. *Important thing: Are you ok now? * I hope writing about it must have made you feel lighter ?

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