my brother,,,,,,,my super hero

“Walk fast or else some one will catch us”cried a boy of ten……”no I cant my leg hurts,,,,,,I wanna go back home…I want to go to mummy “retorted his sister….”It is really easy all you gotta do is jump over this fence….and after that no one will find us….”she followed him silently without an other word……as they passed a mango tree…”I want mangoes “cried his sister……

“no… is infested with red ants….I cant climb that tree”said her brother….

thud thud two drops of tears falls from his little sisters large brown  eyes..

” I’ll get you those mangoes and promise me you wont tell mom Ok??”..his sister smiles….

the brother climbs the tree with red ants outlining every  branch…he scratches all over him as ants bite him mercilessly and throws down the mangoes to his sister,…..

he climbs down scratching all over and whisking away ants which bites and clings to his skin…his sister bites the mango and throw it away stating that it is sour…..

he walks with her without a word of complain still whisking off the ants from him….”my leg hurts “complained his little sister…..

now he walks taking her in his hands , listening  ,and answering her stupid questions as she asks him about every silly bird and stone….they walk through the small ways with climbers and creepers.

he takes her to the pond and its steps are greenish with a cover of algae…..”ok are you happy???” he asks but his sister shakes her head …”I want that lotus”she cries pointing to the middle of the pond…..

he says”sit here and dont come near the water ,I will get you the flowers ” as he swims away his little sister moves towards the water…….the brother turns after plucking the flower……his sister is missing…..tears gush down his eyes…..he calls out for her he cries…there is no last he finds her drowning….he pulls her off the pond…. she drank a lot of water…..she hugs him tightly ……the elders came as they heard their cries….


the brother is tied to the pillar by the dad and whipped badly with a belt…..he cries , apologizes and begs her dad not to whack him…..his four year old sister is now semiconscious .

she runs and tries to pull her dad off….as her dad doesnt relent she runs to her brother and hug him ….her dad whipped them  …..but she doesnt leave….she clings on her brother….mark of belt nearly tore her skin off… throws the whip and tries to pull her away but she clings more tightly….

she leaves only when her dad promises not to thrash her brother again,,,,,……

her brother laughs wiping his tears as he leave he whispers in his sisters ears”I will teach you to swim tomorrow”.





5 thoughts on “my brother,,,,,,,my super hero

  1. very sweet post. 🙂 sibling love is so amazing and expressive. especially during childhood. what not we will do for them. to fight with them all day. and then stand with them in need. made me remember many things from my childhood.

    but the beating in the end kind of made me sad.

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