my friend



every time my heart breaks apart,

I think about you my dear,

I start laughing at my mirth as if you are near,

you have been at my side at every fear…

making me smile when I cry…

by your stupid jokes and foolish looks…

when all the girls queued up behind you…

you were by me for I was just a friend to you..

My hero who saves my day…

and you hate the word thanks…

for you always say ,

there is no sorry or thanks in friendship….


but today a tiny tear skips my eye…

which you wouldnt allow if you were near,

baby when I think of you….

all those fights quarrels kicks….

my friend I miss u dear…


I never told you

how much you mean to me…

perhaps that is,

the magic of friendship..

more divine..

lingering every second..

more deep more silent tears of longing..


And every time I shed tears…

you mock at me….

“stop your drama” you smirk…

making me smile between my tears.


A sibling,a mom,a daddy,a lover..

my friend you are all in one…

your care depends..

on number of times we kick each other….

my Eiffel tower…my best friend.

love to infinity ,,,

is always friendship..

and from the depth of my heart..

friendship is the best relationship ever…


8 thoughts on “my friend

  1. Yes, the value of friendship….. Today the UK marks “Friends Day”. I think, a new event, and a wonderful idea; celebrating friends. The importance of friendship has truly been understated.
    Your poem reminds me of my own reflections on friends – something very special. A lovely poem.

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