my heart my foe

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heart keeps burning…

trust keeps dwindling,

agony keeps increasing

my life keeps deteriorating….


I am scared

I am scarred

more than anyone

could ever imagine….


I smile I act

but underneath

this mask of happiness…

you find a tears unfolding….


only if you smile…

if you tell I am there..

I would wait for a

thousand years ahead…


I didnt ask you

for a million dollars

but a simple smile

and a lovely word….



but still you refused…

I cried a lot

and now I am not

same fragile girl

who loved you to the core…

I have moved on…..


and now you…

realize the mistake

you done….

and you are back

to mend and rebuild

our shattered dreams…


but sorry baby…

you lost me already…

as you taught me…

not to trust anybody….


here I am strong

lonely and alone

happy above all….

let my tears remain with myself..

coz I cant afford to hurt myself..

once more…


no more sorrys….

no more dramas..

no more unworthy discussions

no more pacifying your stupid ego…


and finally I moved on…

though I cry….

I will not tell you

how I feel….


for I buried my feelings

decades before…..

but still my heart sobs

as our eyes meet

longing remains intact…

for my heart still refuse

to hear what my brain tells….




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