yeah….What a perfect turn of events….If you have a crush on a guy what do you normally do????try to be smart before him….right…do everything he likes….but me….I spat on him..and instead of makeup I fell on a mud puddle ,…..now mud outlines my hair and dress…I look totally disheveled and obviously a complete mess and for sure a stupid.

I limp ….It hurts ,my leg….and the reason for all this sleeps peacefully in my pocket(lewy my squirrel friend) undisturbed whisking his tail at times….without the slightest concern about what I am going through…..I try walking faster….I can see through the corner of my eye his muscles shifting easily as he move…..what a physique my heart gasp,,,,stop it Amy my brain shout…..just once more let me look at him my heart pleads….he looks at me without blinking….I feel uncomfortable perhaps happy or shy….what is this feeling…I am walking with him so close that his shirt brush me sending a cold shrill through my body.

“Amy “I heard a voice….Our silent feelings were disturbed….he breaks his glance and looks elsewhere….I turn to find Ted…

Ted knocked on my head…indeed that is Teds way of greeting me”you are awake before seven Amy???what a surprise???I think it is gonna rain.”…

.”Ted stop kidding”…I punched Β on his hand.

“Look at you Amy hope you used a mud pack”said Ted.He took his water bottle from his bag pack and washed my face….and wiped it clean with his kerchief.He is my best friend no one in this world can replace him.

the trainer stood there looking at us….I dont know what is running through his mind.This is Ted my friend,and an young ips officer…and this is Shyam our new boxing trainer….they shook their hands briefly.

I start back home leaning on Ted leaving trainer staring at us….

As I walk with Ted he told me “Your Dad is going through a lot of pressure Amy things are totally out of hand”

“whats wrong ted”I asked..

“Dont you know Amy a good and sincere officer like your Dad has lot of enemies and this case has a lot of media attention”he said.

“never mind Ted we will solve it.”I said….but the memories of that beautiful lady resonated back to me.

He gave me a faint smile…..

after an hour…

Dad was busy in work Ted offered to drop me….I came out…OMG…in his royal enfield…..god….all the girls in my school is gonna be vexed for sure….

I jump behind him….As we reach school…all girls gasp ….me with a good looking guy…guys too look at me enviously…. my rival’s mouth is Β wide open…..she might cry out of envy….

My ego is satisfied …I tread happily into class…..I wished trainer good morning….but he walked away without giving me a glance.

I felt hurt deep in here my heart it pains…..Claire greeted me…I tried my best to be cheerful…

“Amy will you please join boxing”asked Claire.

“Why???”I asked…

“Amy didnt you feel that trainer Shyam is interested in me…he is cute…I too like him…didnt you see him speaking to you trying to make me feel envious”she said..

I felt a pang in my heart…”why dont you join yourself?”I asked

“you know if we go for boxing our face may be swell or be a bit disheveled…..so my beauty will be lost”she said

I looked at her stern

“you dont care about your looks right Amy please please”she said

“and I want you to keep an eye on our english mam she is trying to impress him”she said,

“okay “I said .

“my sweetheart love you”she said.

Maybe she is right who would ever love a girl like me in contrast to Claire how plain do I look…no lip gloss no straightened hair…no accessories…. not cool or cute….I felt like running back home cry out aloud…..

I should have understood….this proves why he avoided me in the morning,,,why god why did you make my heart wish why????

I must have never allowed my heart to wish,,,,,I must know my limitations tears skips my eyes….my folly …a girl like me doesnt have the right to dream….

I run out of the class




38 thoughts on “Unbounded5????

    1. thank you for reading….I thought it was a bit too long….and your words make me nearly cry out of happiness….I am no where near a novelist anyway…..just trying to write like wonderful bloggers like you…….thank you dear

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      1. Oh is it.. Wonderful.. It’s been since it rained here in Pune.. So even hearing it from you about it gives me a good feeling …Thanks for sharing it with me πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I had started reading your book “My life beneath my tears” .. But I am going to finish reading it after semester exams … But all I have read is pretty interesting .. So , I think you have that writing instinct

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