my princess

What is she??

A nymph or a fairy…

or a maiden of Β darkest sorcery ,

who allured me with her enchanting witchery…


those watery blue eyes..

that spellbinding looks..

make me skim in a dream…

as I lay bewitched in her captivating charm..


Oh gracious heaven,

Is she a princess

of some heavenly land…

or perhaps from Atlantis.


what is that ?

in her ravishing looks..

that makes me astray//


persuading me to crave

to be her prince

by her side I feel

more like a frog prince..


her golden curls….

which carelessly decends down

her fair shoulders….

crushed my fragile heart…


Is she a human,,,

or perhaps a celestial being..

never have I in my petite life

come across such profound elegance


she walks by me..

sits by my side.

I pester up courage…

but my voice did fail…


I asked her…

Will you be my queen,


and rule over my heart,

will you provide me the honor

to be yours,


she gave me a blank stare….

slowly her divine voice

erupted from her throat…

that sounded

Sorry I am

already the Queen

of an other heart.


dont be sad you will

surely find a better bride

than me….

I would be glad if you meet my King…


I walk away

cursing under my breath

she is no princess

must be a stupid bitch.

or treacherous witch

in a disguise….








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      1. Hehe.. Rowling and Austen! You are the sweetest to say that πŸ™‚ this is the closest I would come to being mentioned in the same line with Rowling and Austen πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

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