It’s nearly dawn but I am already cycling on my way to school leisurely pedaling underneath an array of large flowering trees who greet me by showering the lovely blossoms with the tiniest sway of breeze depicting trajectory curves on fallen flowers which ornate the road with its splendid color but my heart lacks this color.I slowly pace forward soaked in the beauty of this magnificent enchantress, nature whose presence has always diluted my agony.
Waking up early ,cycling and isolation are things which Amy detested before but now they are my beloved acquaintances.I have changed a lot since the trainer left the school.

I was not able to tackle or perhaps comprehend the fact that trainer left the school.I sobbed for hours,ran around with tears overflowing my eyes.I ran to the watchman desperately inquiring if the trainer left,but to my greatest dismay ,he left few minutes before.

I felt desolate standing there stark staring at the empty road which extended …unable to react my heart sobbed…..I ran like a mad woman hither and thither just telling myself he wouldn’t have left me….he won’t leave me….I told myself…the despair and inconsolable grief overcame my heart.My courage was a futile loser.

My heart broke into a million pieces .The fact he hasn’t bothered to inform me hurts me the most.I lost my cheer,my happiness,my glee.It has been several days since I had a proper meal.I am neither able to sleep nor able to live .I feel a suffocation a pain that seems to gnaw on my soul.

every place, every corner, every second ,my heart grieves in departure.Did I love him?

I must have or else why does my heart mutilate?.

Is this the pain inflicted by first love?

and now after several months, the ache remains intact….

I cycle to school trying my best to forget the past and live my life.

In school……I pass the corridor…the memories of him,,his perfume…how I bumped into him?..his smile his touch lingered on my heart…

tears race down my cheeks unknowingly…..

I was inattentive in classes….memories kept ensuing penetrating my soul like a dagger piercing it …

but now I learnt to slowly move on….

‘Amy can you take my book from my table’asked my teacher.

I advance in order to fetch the book…as I pace forward my eyes fell on the empty office of the trainer.

I slipped inside,the day I met the trainer resonated back to me…..I caressed the desk smiling as the memories resonated back to me.

but something was inscribed in there ,,,,I looked hard….at the same place I took the gloves….the same place his fingers brushed mine….the first sight….the spring of my first love….

I looked hard.It was inscribed I lost my heart here

tears engulfed my eyes….I fell on my knees sobbing pathetically….

I felt someone’s hand caressing my hair…..


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  1. so beautiful. engaging and heart wrenching. ’tis terrible when a person decides to leave, but doesn’t inform you. My neighbours did that. I was hurt. Unbound9 was ‘achingly beautiful’. :;;-))). Good luck with your exams, and you showed, there’s none harder than that of life. (hehehe).

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      1. Love is not painful always and its all God’s wish. You will never have to go through it I know and pray. Lovely work dear. All the best . 🙂


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