Chapter 2: Who told love can happen only once?The spring of new life

Ted came running with bated breath with his anxiety clearly visible on his face .I lay on the floor whimpering out of pain and dread….I wept and tried to speak to Ted but in vain my voice lay caught up in my throat….

“what happened my dear?”he asked helping me …

I screech (fear turned my voice worse)..”.The lady….that lady…”.He moved to check…I grabbed his hand “don’t leave me”I cried…

I rested my head on his lap.I felt peaceful his eyes were scanning out of the window.These cops never change .

I gaze at his handsome face his beautiful features…Those brilliant eyes ,the small curve called lips…the lovely hair that kept falling on his forehead and moving forth with the sway of breeze.

It reminded me of Sam’s words”Why didn’t you fall in love with Ted Amy? he is more handsome than trainer .he loves you more than any guy in this world…”.

Now I ask myself why I didn’t love him in the first place…He now turned to me….”why are you staring at me?”he asked…

“Don’t I have the right to admire you Ted?,” I asked….

he smiled fondling my hair with his hand…..

“ted can you get me that lady’s case file,”I asked.

“Already you have enough nightmares,we cops will do our job ,take rest sweety,”He said.

I know he cares….

.I dismissed my thoughts….Ted is my friend not my love.I slept.

after few months

I stay in my granny’s house an old fashioned large house .Me ,my granny and our servants stay in there.

I disliked the house as well as the place initially.The house is too large with a pond at the center of the house.I begged dad to allow me to stay in the city with him but he refused to and insisted as it is one of the most prestigious college in our country.

I hated it anyway .I had to travel for about two hours to reach the college.I miss my Ted ,my Sam….

I just now texted them in WhatsApp but still miss them…

I look around the room,,,,I realized I belong to some royal family.the room was too large too ornate .I was not allowed to take all my books with me…but I selectively chose few dear ones…I arranged them on the racks…

the large pond at the center of the house is not bad after all….there is no shop nearby …..no cafe’s……no malls …and above all the connectivity is really fragile.

how am I gonna exist in here?

the first day of college….

I skim through my wardrobe…I select a dress..then threw it aside….. the other one…then threw it aside.

At last chose a red one…. in red I always get more compliments…

I glance at the mirror the girl who stared back is okay.I never wore any makeup and even today I followed the suit.

I took my bag a small one….my servants gave me my lunch I told them thanks and pecked a kiss on my granny cheeks and left to college….

traveling wore me out but anticipation and anxiety filled me..the first day in college gave me with goosebumps.

I entered the college a very vast one….I must tell…awesome….I walked in large trees everyone was walking inside ….I walked expecting a new life…

suddenly someone called “hey red color girl”.

I turned a group of guys….ragging I knew…

I remembered the advice from sam and ted keep yourselves down neither be fragile or too much confident….

I walked towards them ….I smiled…an old habit….

I can realize my knees shivering.

There were about 6 to 7 guys and 4 girls.

the girl wearing black salwar was really gorgeous but a little hike of makeup.

‘good morning madam what is your name?’A guy asked

‘Amy Krishna Varma ‘I replied.

‘are you Raja Ravi Varma ‘s granddaughter ?’ he asked

“no “I replied

“Hindu or Christian?what a name half Christian half Hindu?”another asked

I looked at them puzzled…

my eyes fell on a tall handsome guy …he looks uninterested….

“do you know to dance,”they asked

“no”I replied.

“what is your father doing?”a guy asked.

“he is a CBI officer”I replied.

“Don’t lie,”they said…

I asked them”can you give your mobile?’

I googled out my dad….it was there and I showed my photo in his family .

I was sweating furiously….when I did it…from where did I get the courage I didn’t know.

‘Ok, sister you can go….If you need any help you can ask brothers…should we escort you?’ they asked.

“no thanks, “I replied…..

I walked away it was then a car nearly knocked me down…..the girl who drove the car gave me a stern look and drove away.

it was she who drove on the wrong side and she didn’t ask even a sorry…I walked away cursing her….I disliked her at the very sight.

I walked to the class …

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  1. Haha.. ‘the senior reply had me in splits’ -you are already writing like a novelist. creating multiple story arcs, and characters, diverse settings. I have to learn a lot from you. 🙂

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  2. Wonderful , how i missed reading for so long , a treat to my eyes anagha, felt like reading the novel of R. k. Narayan .. Lovely ,. I really cant believe i read something like this .. Thank you for writing and sharing 🙂

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  3. Anagha -need your help. Can you tell me whether you got any notification for my reply on the post ‘the token of your love.’ If yes, whether are you able to reply back to it? (Asking this because there is certain issue regarding this.) I’m replying to you, right now from the comment section of that post. Kindly confirm whether you’re getting any notification or not..thanks 🙂

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