when a wish comes true.

We wish for certain things at times without understanding the consequences those things will lead us to.When a mere wish of mine came true i went through the greatest difficulties of my lifetime.

I was walking on the alley after my school I bumped on a cute guy.He mumbled a sorry and walked away without noticing me.But I stood there gaping at him .He got into his Ferrari and  speed away.I was sad he went of without a backward glance at me.I looked on to the sky it was cloudy.I wished god please i want to be with him hereafter.At night I slept just thinking about him.

Next day when I got up that guy was staring at me like Iwas some sort of alien .I turned around the surroundings looked totally new to me.He looked bewildered he asked”who are you?”

it was then I understood I didn’t know it myself .Tears engulfed my eyes however hard I tried ,my mind was blank .I cant remember anything .I started weeping.

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