I traipse towards the class.I slip inside the class unnoticed  and find myself an empty seat  a red haired girl sat next me ,soon we are acquainted with each other.She was equally vexed as I was ,the classes proceeded happily.

well,this what I wish had happened ,as you know I am escorted by an malicious omen of misfortune,I can tell you nothing good or by the way near normal ever happens to me.

I reached my class after wandering astray for nearly an hour.The heavy drops of sweat skidded down my shoulders,my leg stiff out of walking.I saunter towards the class sighing in relief.
I felt someone push me I tripped down nearly hitting myself on the edge of the table.
I turn around to find myself facing a lean harsh looking girl with a sharp long nose,perhaps too long with a face that looked almost artificial due to excess of makeup.
She gave me a stern look and shoved me away as if I smell onions.

I felt absurd ,my self respect severely tattered my blood surging in my veins but I averted my rage and walked away to find myself an empty space.
I sat in the farthest corner slowly regaining my composure striving hard to remain tranquil.

My heart craved for my Sam and Ted .Their care concern love…I really missed them a lot.A tear skipped my eyes.I felt someone address me I slowly turned look at the person who called me.the lean girl who pushed me stood there gawking at me.
“Hey girl out of my place now”she said.
This time I was really mad at her….I asked ” why should i move?this is everyone’s initial day in college .I sat here first I can’t move.you can find some other place for you.”
An other large girl pushed me off the bench .I landed on the floor towards the middle of the class.I knee was severely bruised I can feel my blood surging beneath my skin.anyway I am a boxer I can handle them….

But I held myself back subsiding my fury.I sat at another bench with tears outlining my eyes…I found that the lean girl wiped the place I sat as if I am a despicable being.I desperately tried to fight back my tears.why does things like this happen to me?is it something wrong in me or my looks ? Why does everyone hate me….why is that everyone loathe my presence?.

Tears engulfed my eyes .my rage directly connected to my tear gland..my rage transforms more into my tears nearly impossible to hold back .I can’t just understand why people who haven’t met me before detest me so much.

Suddenly the class turned silent.I guessed Sir came but it was an other student who was crowded by girls who kept pestering him.

I rest my head on the table as tears drip down on the floor as I lay engrossed in my thoughts.
I sensed someone sat next to me….I slowly raised my head with an enquiring look who it was?????.?……
” trainer……”I gasped. My trainer my heart bellowed

“What did you call me “he asked.
I peered on him with my large eyes as my vision was blurring due to tears.
I wiped my eyes on my sleeve looking at him like a kid.
He looked at me amused .
Slowly I recognized he wasn’t my trainer something in him reminded me of my trainer….
“Sorry ” I muttered under my breath. “I mistook you for someone I know”.
“Oh my little girl “he said with a naughty grin.
He constantly reminded me of my trainer….my lost love….I still love my trainer.
He has almond eyes with a flawless skin tall but not as tall as my trainer and lips that had those curves similar to my trainer.
I found the lean girl who pushed me aside now turn towards my bench.
“Why don’t you sit with me,abhimanyu …..I am a diehard fan of yours…..please abhimanyu ……please ….” she asked to him.
He replied ” sorry I feel comfortable to sit near my new friend” sporting me a sideway glance and a smile.and waved her away.
She walked away trampling .
I enjoyed the way he turned her down….I started liking him more….every passing second.
“I am abhimanyu,can you please tell your name “.
“I am Amy,Amy Krishna varma”.I stammered.
He jumped out of the bench….exclaiming are u IPS Krishna varmas daughter I am a great fan of his.”yes” I said.
“The whole class is staring at us abhimanyu “I said.
He sat down…..”Amy baby,let’s be friends….”catching my hand .
Sending a cold shiver down my spine.

I don’t like anyone calling me baby but when he called I felt comfortable…..more than ever before……

His presence erased my tears filling me with a feeling I never knew before.



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