Well an another stupendous absurdness ,of course he is not my trainer but that doesn’t deny the fact he is cute.I must admit the reality I obviously enjoyed the attention Abhimanyu gave me ,to be frank I am stunned when he sat next to me,for now I shower in envious glances shot straight towards me by girls.
Just a guilty pleasure …..
I can clearly see through the corner of my eye his futile efforts on starting a conversation with me I am not cruel ,normally girls are considered to be so.I turned towards him grinning broadly .I can see his almond eyes sparkle  he ran his hand through his ruffled hair.
He is so damn hot …..stop I checked myself…..no more love …..no more crushes I have wept for a lifetime……just for that unworthy screwed up trainer…..his mere thought renders my heart in a spike of pain,I sit here wondering if I could ever get over him.
Abhimanyu is not bad after all
His boyish looks were stunning I must tell.
“How old are you ?”he asked startling me.
I looked at him stunned ” seventeen ” I replied.
He looked away chortling …..
“What is so very funny ?”I asked …..
“You look like a drop out from 6 th grade.”he said
I looked at him fuming….
” yes ,obviously with these large eyes which overflows everytime….little girl ….”he said sporting a naughty smile .
His conversations his little remarks indeed triggers the kid inside me.
My heart flapped in glee as I noticed several girls smiling at me trying hard to break the ice.I explicitly knew the reason Abhimanyu.
A girl nearly asked me if he dated someone …. I looked at her startled”I know him only before few minutes how am I supposed  to know his love life.”I replied

I looked at him his head was turned his chin raised ,he was laughing ….he must have overheard my conversation.

The professor entered, an really old man…there ain’t a hair in his head that isn’t white .
Every student was asked to give an intro.
Abhimanyu’s intro was fun.
He just stammered the words I am…..I…..and rest was completed by girls who admired him desperately…..
He gave me an exasperated look….tired…
I gave him a sardonic smile stating” i think being famous isn’t easy….”.
He nodded.
I can understand how much he loathe fame,perhaps I am too much acquainted to him within a short period of time.
“Amy”sir called.
“Yes sir ” I replied….absentmindedly as I was engrossed in my thoughts.
The whole class broke into laughter…..
I slowly started towards the dice….abhimanyu wished me best ” be brave”he said.
I saw the lean girl whispering something to an other guys ear staring at me.
That guy tried to trip me down with  his leg….I was infuriated I stomped on his leg so hard that he shouted”awww”….
“I am sorry” I said grinning broadly.I heard a low chuckle….abhimanyu was trying hard to hold back his laughter.
I stood there trying hard to maintain tranquility which pathetically seems to fail as my wobbly knees started doing somersaults .
I was shivering frantically ,it was then I realized how naked my face was without make up and all the girls have been well dressed…except me.!!!
I started “I am …..”several guys and girls yawned ….
” call me Amy, born and brought up in a family of cops,be careful around me or else you may end up handcuffed by my dad Krishna varma ,or brewed into a soup by my mom ex lecturer nithya varma.I always wanted to be a witch so I can turn all I hate into rats unfortunately enough I missed my Hogwarts letter .my time will be sucked up by my books.let me see how this place turn out for me.”
I looked at the professor he stared at me bewildered…..which soon broke into a smile.
The whole class applauded with warm smiles directed towards me.I felt better. 
I walked triumphantly to my bench.
I can infer an intense expression of disgust on the lean girl’s face.I learned her name was Riya.
The intro and classes went on the first day was obviously boring…..labs were large with huge machines which induced a strange feeling of an hospital.
I was so pleased as they showed us around the college ….there was one place I loved…..
So did abhimanyu.
It was lunch break….abhimanyu pulled me out of the class….”where
?”I asked.
“Treat” he replied.
“For what?”I asked.
“Got a new friend ,first day at college keep whatever you want”he said.
I smiled”as long as you pay the bill I will accompany you”.
We walked to cafeteria accompanied by envious glances which by now I got used to but it didn’t prevent me from turning ice cold.
“Get whatever u want?”he said.
“I will eat whatever you buy” I said.
” if I buy dirt ” he asked.
” I will make you eat it” I smirked.
We ordered a pizza and some cooldrinks…..
He was staring at me….I straightened to checking if my dress is proper …it was a bit crumpled….but looks good ….or something is wrong with my face.?.I peered into the glass pane….nothing wrong…..
He chuckled…”I am sorry I won’t stare at you again.”.
“That is better”I replied.
“Do you always eat so much ?you look like you don’t eat at all.” He said.
“Feeling sad you gave me treat huh?no way you can escape now….I eat well when I am with dad…or to be frank every time I needn’t use my pocket money….I have limited allowance” I said gobbling an other slice of pizza.
“Amy,what type of music do you hear to ? ” he asked
“Yak,”I spurted out”I hate music”.
“What?”he asked with a half amused and half exasperated expression.
“Yep ,it is true ,my dad loves classical music and mom loves all these melodies and sorts of English songs.I ended up hating music altogether witnessing their futile rantings .”I replied busy emptying my plate.
“Interesting ” he remarked “so no wonder you were ignorant about me”
I smiled “so abi ,do you sing?”.
“I don’t prefer to be called abi,but in your voice its fine…it felt good,and answering to your question I don’t sing well…but my brother sings and he is a guitarist.I am the country’s youngest music director and composer.”.
“That’s great ” I added cheerfully biting my lip feeling gormless.
I desperately wished I knew something about music.
Our conversation was interrupted as his phone rang. “A minute I will be back ” he said moving away ….
I sat there gnawing my pizza….I can’t believe how easily I got along with him.
It was then I glanced at my surroundings perfect …..I am the only girl admists whole set of boys….
So what else….I started turning weary and uncomfortable….abi’s one minute is now about half an hour still he hasn’t returned.
I stood there tapping …..glancing nervously at my phone….I looked around….a guy smiled at me mistaking that I am staring at him…..I looked down in haste avoiding further implications .I hovered over my  phone ,the cafeteria was becoming crowded.a sweat tickle down my shoulders.

The sky darkened with lightening and thunder.abi was laughing over his phone he looked nowhere near returning.
I slowly skip out of cafeteria….slowly strolling..beyond the brick wall was the heaven on earth taunting me,or luring me to skim in the beauty which extended beyond the walls.
I jumped over the wall.what I saw there was….. can I ever explain.?I stepped out to the haven of intertwining creepers with large trees covered with moss.the canopy of clouds extending overhead with mystifying patterns of lightening.everything was green. Greenery which extended over with lovely shades with several fringes of ferns . I  stroll through the meadow  throwing  my slipper away immersing my legs in the soft grass,it tenderly tickles me ,awestruck I stood there transfixed fondly playing with leaves….and trees.it was like I belong in here…..the sky roared the rain dropped down from the sky…..I removed my coat which I wore coz my dress was strapless.I basked in the rain as it slowly dripped on me……I opened my hands wide staring at the dark sky breathing in fresh. This bond I feel with nature is unexplainable . I stand here lost in the ecstasy of incomprehensible bliss .I laugh and run …..here something caught my eye…..a mango stood there grinning at me….I tried to pluck it…it was beyond my reach I tried jumping….in vain….I hate being short.I tried to climb up the tree but it was too slippery due to rain.

I heard a faint chuckle.I turn around to find a tall handsome guy with perfect features ,blue eyes dazzling looks.
He was speaking over his phone..now looking at me ..he gestured me to wait walked over my side easily plucked the mango his shirt touched my arm sending a shiver down my spine.I can feel his heavy breath mixed with a strange sense of perfume. I hold my breath….inhaling his smell….spellbinding looks ….our eyes met for a fraction of second sending sparks through my body.
He averted his glance placing the mango in my hands.the break is over he reminded.I walked away he picked up my coat and extended it towards me stating “this might be required”.”how long you were here ? “I asked.
“Since you jumped over the wall” he said….
I looked down blushing red.
I was about to jump the wall he caught me….stating”wait”.and led me to the door which was open.” You needn’t jump you can walk through this door” he smiled with a smile….
I walked away …..
Abhimanyu was searching for me panicking ” where were you Amy ?” He asked.
“With him.”.I said…I turned around he already walked away.
“With whom ” he asked”nice mango”.
My eyes searched  for him he was lost…..my eyes lingered for his presence.
“Never mind ” I replied”we are late for class”.
For the last time searching in crowd for him.


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