Unbounded 14


“Abhimanyu and the girl out of my class now”….shouted a stern lady who had more freckles than skin and a large spectacle that hung on the tip of her nose…which was trying hard to balance itself on her nose.
We walked away with our head hung low until the door .though I was trying hard to suppress a fit of giggle which was attacking me now.
“Free at last ” replied abhimanyu…
“Yep ” I replied I can see several guys trying hard not to droop perhaps a stout boy was nearly drooling.
“What kind of lady is she ?in spite knowing that we are sleepy she keeps on bragging its been nearly about an hour ” I said.
” yep ,out of the class on the first day…..looks like we are creating a record.” He said.
“You bit my part of mango that’s why I kicked you”I retorted with an innocent face.
“Thank god this college doesn’t have attendance requirements.” he said.  “Now where shall we go”.
“I will show you a place” I said pulling him with me.

“Hey ….you two come here” called a group of guys.
” I think they are calling us” abi said.
” no…no…not us may be someone else…I can’t wait to show you this place.” I said
“We called u girl….” They said…
I gave a vague smile.
“What is this?romance in the very first day of college..”a guy asked.
I opened my mouth to answer .
“Everything in your blessings brother” replied abi.
” how yar,we have been here for years trying hard but still even 1 isn’t set for us,,,,,lucky boy.”they smirked shooting  me a piercing look.
“Bro….I think our class will start” he said
“Hm ” they replied….
He walked away catching me.
I wriggled away from him” when did we became lovers?”I asked.
” I ….. it ….simply”he said with a boyish smile.
I looked away burning with rage….
“So you told me you will show me some place”he asked.
” don’t change the topic” I said fuming.
“Sorry amy” he said ” last chance please”.
I smiled and led him to the place beneath the cafeteria.
“What is really great in here? ” he asked with an expression of disgust trying hard to look interested.
” isn’t it beautiful?” I asked.
” you are more like Sid”he said.
“Who is Sid?” I asked .
” my brother ” he replied.
His phone rang he walked away…..
I walk alone in the meadow …..the memories of my trainer rushed back to me.
How I splurged at him…his  smile …..the walk in the park ….the way I fell inside the mud puddle…..his smell….
Tears of joy and grief engulfed my eyes…..I close my eyes I can feel his presence deep down my heart I still love him.the breeze blew my hair tangling it further …..
I stroll alone through the meadow…..my thoughts ran up to the mysterious guy how foolish I was?
I laugh at myself wondering how it would be if trainer was at my side instead of abi…..my heart bellowed in happiness at the mere thought.

Evening classes were over.we strolled towards the parking lot….the whole college was gathered there….I peered inside….
A car….a costly car….abi opened the door “wanna drive ??”he asked…..
The whole college looked at me envious…..
“Some other day” I replied galloping away….to avert the peoples glances.
“What car is this abi” I asked
“BMW ” he replied….
“I’ll drop you if you want” he asked.
“Go abi,I’ll come with you another day”I said.
He looked down disappointed…”okay “he  said…..
The dazzling car dashed away…I was waiting for my driver uncle in his weary old alto.
I felt pissed off….the whole college was staring at me….I wish I could disappear…..into thin air…..
too much strain on first day……I stood there alone. ..
I saw a royal Enfield pass my side…..the thing which caught my attention was the guy who sat on it…..his biceps look familiar….
The guy mounted down the bike…..he removed his helmet…..”Amy ” he called with his hands wide open..

I ran into his hands……”I missed you a lot” I said.
” me too ” he replied.
The whole college was looking at me bewildered……what I did was wild, sudden charge of emotions I can see several girls gasp.
“Ted I think its better if we leave ” I said grinning nervously….
“Sure” he said …we drove off fast …..
” how was your classes ? “He asked.
“Fine” I replied.
“Got any new friends”he asked.
“Abhimanyu”I said….
“Then “he asked…
“Abhimanyu’…that’s it”I replied.
“Won’t you ever get any girlfriends “he asked…
“No…I think….girls don’t like me” I said wondering….
He jerked smiling….
We drived to the old gigantic house crossing ridges narrow paths which made even a royal Enfield quiver like a leaf.
The boring old house didn’t look that bad if ted is around….
We parked the bike under a banyan tree…and marched into the house…
It was then granny said” I won’t let an christian to enter my house”.
“What granny ted isn’t anyone different he belongs to our family he lives with us since he was fifteen”.I said as hot tears slipped my eyes at the injustice shot towards my best friend.
“Please granny ” I begged….
“Go inside Amy “she said.
I looked at ted who looked down with grief and sadness outlining his face…
My heart broke….


8 thoughts on “Unbounded 14

  1. I have a feeling that that Abhimanyu is not worthy… Looks like he is using Any only because she’s the daughter if a police man – somebody important…😐

    Nice one… narration, story, everything!!😄


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