fate or folly…I am in love


Is it raining or perhaps not,

I whimper in the droplets

I do cry a lot,

as it caress my forehead,

and slowly flows down….

I can see her smile,

from the corner of my eye,

a glimpse of her,

makes me shudder.

perhaps she is my fantasy ,

or indeed my destiny,

those brilliant brown eyes ,

when I first met them.

made me a toddler,

throwing innumerable tantrums,

just for her to turn around,

and grant me the glory of her attention.

astray in the obsolete beauty,

can there be a pagan more gorgeous ?

those lips that remind me ,

of lovely wildest berry.

or those iridescent pearls ,

visible as she nibbles a cake or a fruit,

Can there be a voice more melodies

than my lady loves?

but on this rainy day ,

as the thunder sparks,

I start towards you,

drenched in rain…

with batting breath ,

and a bouquet of flowers,

I know you love roses,

for these flowers are wild,

I am not sure of its name.

but it does smell good,

I am not skilled as you are ,

in picking the best,

but I still did chose you,

my best decision ever, my life

it was you…

It’s getting colder,

the sky turns darker,

I am too old to stand anymore dear ,

but my heart craves for your presence,

I will miss you, my love,

my heart my soul,

but I still

walk away from your grave,

there you lay cold,

peaceful like an angel ,

I cross the cemetery walls

taking a last look ,a long breath

you smile in your grave,

leaving me mourning,

yearning for your presence,

I stare at the sky

it still does rains.

but my tears remain.

I love you ,

my wife my love.


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