out of my window…

have you stared out of your window ?

have you stared without your eyes searching for anything in particular skimming through all that the world places around you ?

well I do it when I learn,inside the strong walls of house you experience a strange quaffed sense of monotony though we are quite ignorant or perhaps unaware .my eyes skim through the swaying leaves ,tiny beetles ,wandering studious ants ,my stupid cute dog and the fellow people hurrying behind something worthy or unworthy unable to fall into conclusions but still pondering speeding behind the chores that remain undone.You must be counting I must be on my leisure obviously not..I have that undulated mountain heaved on my head called exams grinning at me with a taunting smile stating you little procrastinator,,,,

I still glance out of my window,I glance at my books I write down the frame format of ethernet but my mind races out of my window I can hear little boys spreeing in their bicycles.It is really long since i touched my cycle,it lies there at the corner of my house rusted so lies my childhood long lost,Can I get back those days ?no….I moved on….my eyes flicker to the girl next door lean harsh girl.I wondered can a person be so very lean?my mind is at times a unfastened helium balloon ,there passed an old woman slightly hunch back ,she really looked pathetic with freckles all over,she was retiring from work as it is nearly dusk.what kind of a kid will allow their mom to work at such an old age?I dont know I will never get answer .

the temple bell rings its nearly six I resume learning


12 thoughts on “out of my window…

  1. Haha…I think we both are running the same boring life. Only when something burdens as from back, we tend to look at the nature and ambience for solutionπŸ˜œπŸ˜‰. Only at the time of exams we get into philosophical thinking and we even dare to make it a post without even studying a word for the exam that going to commence a few day after. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜. I wonder, how can a person match even in the type of book one holds? I’m studying the theories on computer networks.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
    So good to read on the whole.πŸ‘

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    1. exactly true….I am learning the same computer networks…what a coincidence..and when my books and reference materials are piled up one on other I tend to look shorter than them…


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