love again….


a profound stare,

ensnared her heart,

to pen a long lost tale,

of their intertwined destinies.


have you ever felt like writing after looking into someone’s eyes?just inquisitive…



59 thoughts on “love again….

    1. he…he….no love and stuff…I love writing…perhaps writing is my boyfriend,,,,,,.
      and if I ever love someone……my dad will chuck me out of the house the very next day…..I cant take such a great risk…standing out of the house with nowhere to go will not be such an welcoming incident especially when I have my rivals as my neighbors….life in single blessedness is better than being disinherited….
      who can sit and cry whole day like my friends in love do?..I dont have time…I have to read your blogs

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      1. Haha.. then i wish you all the best. To never fall into this thing that can get your father crossed with you. 🙂 🙂
        Yes. Blogging is really amazing. This can’t be a coincidence that since I started blogging last year , I haven’t got hooked with anybody 😛 🙂

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      1. my moms eyes are brown…and grannys eyes is somewhere between brown and blue…I miss my granny there hasnt been any kinder eyes than hers was ..because that is where we can find true love……..I will write a thousand stories if i ever get to see my grannys eyes again

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      2. Oh Anagha that is so lovely what you just said. I’m sorry Granny isn’t here now but if you have pictures of her, keep them close to you so you can see her beautiful, kind eyes. The color of them sounds amazing and I love brown eyes too. Mine are blue so I love opposites ❤ What color are yours?

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  1. I have seen a few eyes in my life which have made me want to write, both good and bad things. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul – I like that and I think it is true. Nicely written, thank you for sharing 🙂

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