Image result for love snowIt must be spring now ,but it is too cold for spring,the air rustled the leaves as it descended down fluttering carelessly settling on my shoulder .I stared at the deserted park the winter prevailed ,the snow outlining branches of the trees as the nature glistens in the canopy of snow. The intricate patterns of ice form on the strands of my hair which I slowly whisk awayΒ  resuming my daydreams of my Amy.

I loiter through the shoveled path in the park but snow has already made a thin layer which etched my footsteps but soon vanished as it snowed harder.but I wish her footsteps were accompanying mine.

I can see her approaching me.She still looks like a tiny girl from school with those little freckles which appeared when she smile.she glanced at me with those largeΒ  black eyes,which hid beneath those long dainty lashes.Her flawless skin which resembled the softest flower.Her lips the palest of pink which shone through the white contrast of winter.I smiled at her as she moved towards me ,the little fringes of her hair that swayed with the wind reminded me of daffodils.I know it is an imbecile comparison but she is my flower,my treasure.

she looked at me”why did you call me?”

I felt gormless for now I realized I was staring at her all along .I loved and respected her not just for her looks but for the person she is.

“Can we sit and speak?”I asked.

“surely “she replied.

we sat on a empty seat I look down unable to face her.I didnt know how to start.

I wished to inch closer to her but my courage failed.

I glanced at her she was radiating ,for there has always been a aura of beauty around her.

It was most obsolete movement of my life.

“Amy,I know this is not gonna be easy,I know I have been absurd all along,I must have accepted it far back that I loved you,but Amy now I am asking you something I have craved to ask you all my life,Do you still love me?,will you be my life,will you be my wife?”

silence prevailed…Image result for snow love

she didnt face me she looked down.I felt a pang in my heart is she gonna spurn me?I confronted an colossal effect of anticipation gnawing me.

but I continued….

“Amy,I loved you every second of my life,my life well its all yours now .I ruined myself striving to keep a distance from you.love,I loved you every breath of my life since the day our eyes met,Amy ,my love today I am pleading you to be my queen,to be my mistress,I swear I will be by you forever ,please Amy tell me what you feel,either it is positive or negative”.

I can feel my heart rip apart when I uttered the word negative because my heart urged for her love….Image result for love snow

she remained silent two drops of tears glided down her large eyes tripping on the snow.

I waited for an hour .I slowly croaked,for I lost my voice in grief.I didnt wish to cry not at least in front of her but I cant hold back my tears any further.

I knew the answer was negative.

“Amy,I am sorry ,I have hurt you ,I have always been the reason of your tears,may be I am not the perfect guy for you”

I walked away with a heaving heart.I still love her and forever will.

“hey”she called out with tears outlining her eyes.

“how dare you leave me? ,I waited seven years just to hear these words and now your walking away so leisurely”she bellowed.

next second she was on me.yeah even I expected a kiss but instead she hit me hard giving me a black eye.

“so what is your answer”I asked smiling.

“positive”she said……

my heart jumped in glee.

“but”she said.

my heart stopped

she whispered in my ear “I love you,you may be imperfect,but your imperfections makes you perfect for me”.

“will our wedding bells ring”I asked…

“I wish “she replied



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      1. Oh yea .. I’m totally confused πŸ˜›
        whatever … the post was awesome .. love the way you have written … and as always … waiting for next post .. as you said this is not the end πŸ˜‹

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