Cuddled under my cot,

Here ,I dwell in murk,

Did shades of darkness?

induce tenebrosity ,

I wonder.


there it stood,

at a palpable distance,

As my curtains drawl up,

smirking at me ,

the endless possibilities,

which I crave to attain,


but wrangled in inner battles,

confined to my comfort zone,

beneath the walls of self doubt,

what did I do?

other than incarcerate my soul.


all it takes is choice.


whether to resume my nap,

as a reticent observer ,

when my dreams shatter.


or to unfurl my wings,

and fly up to my destiny.


choices are perhaps strenuous,

a stealthy nuisance,

with uncertainty embedded…









35 thoughts on “choice.

      1. I am really glad to hear it…because this was the first time I penned without a plot without feelings pushing just thinking about the problems of being a partial introvert leading me to

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  1. Yoy kill it when it comes to poetry Anagha….you’re soo damn good….its worth the experience to read your words soo brilliantly penned rather crafted β™‘πŸ‘ :))

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  2. ‘Choices are a stealthy nuisance’ nice coinage, there Anagha.. Oh! they are, sometimes i feel like I don’t known strangling the choices for making my brain work a little over time πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

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