3 day quotes…1

I am grateful to Mahesh Mali(awesomenger) for nominating me,I must really tell he has a wonderful blog,an exceptionally good one,such a motivating blog can capture your attention so fast that you will end up lost in his posts one after other even before you recognize it.

I must nominate three bloggers ,and I am confused as far as I know all the bloggers I love has already been nominated so here goes random picks…..for I love everyone of you ,hard to nominate in particular.

here I nominate three people I have come across only two days back



pins &ashes


I am basically a lethargic and I have no idea what I penned down here.If it is an acceptable range of what you call a quote or not,but still I have tried spurt out something it turned out like this.

Future edged in a golden sword?uncertain,and intoxicating I know ,but still my future is the aftermath of my notions and action.So am I not the king of my destiny?




14 thoughts on “3 day quotes…1

  1. First of all … Thank you , Thank you , Thank you so much for those beautiful appreciation of my writing attempts 😇

    And the quote … Brilliant .. undoubtedly you are the queen of your destiny ! 😇

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      1. can I call this a coincidence Nitin….I deactivated my account far back…In my college they asked me to start an account…so I simply started one…and that evening your telling me this…..this is wonderful brother.

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