3 day quote…2

I was nominated by Mahesh to write these quotes. I am sorry,I was a bit trampled and wasnt obviously in a good form yesterday,though the climate transformed into what I love (rainy),still everything has its forlorn side effects and it takes its toll on me confining me to my cot ,pathetically coughing …simply I hate it.

here are three more people I nominate


Kishan Thakar


here goes my quote or still not sure whether this can be called a quote.


Inquisitiveness?should I call it,Or daydreaming .I have always aspired to come across a superman ,spider man or iron man in my life.Arent they cool,supercool?but have always turned a blind eye towards the real superhero of my life who is with me all along, mitigating my sorrows, who panics when my face lose its cheer, embodiment of love”MY DAD”.Why search for fictional superheros when we have our own real superheros?





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  1. Thankyou for considering me Anagha…and of course the quote was soo true and amazing…its a time when we need to choose real over fiction…as its the real things that stay :))

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