3 day quote.3

thanking Mahesh for nominating me here is my last quote.I kind of liked this quote..

“Everyday we have lived wondering what the world will think about us,what my neighbor would think,will my mom be pleased,would my dad agree to it?what would boy or girl next door think about me?will my peers find it cool?

Have you ever asked your heart what it thinks about you?I think it is time to stop asking this what will others think,and start asking what do I feel

life starts when we stop living to please others andΒ  when you follow your heart’s will. “


I nominate three lovely bloggers.




thank you dears…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


21 thoughts on “3 day quote.3

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  1. Loved it !!!! Baby πŸ™‚ You loose yourself when you start pleasing the entire world. The day you start pleasing yourself, you realise who are your genuine friends. πŸ™‚ the people who accept you the way you are, are your real well wishers

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      1. That’s the phase I m going through baby. I was and am this person who wants to make everyone happy around me. But I now realise how wrong was I. Now things are changing for good πŸ™‚

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