Oh my

Darkness envelop the blue yonder,

Howbeit ,scarcely few hours

passed since daybreak,

dark clouds inundate the sky,

replacing blue by shades of grey,

laden with rain clouds smile

at me resembling my dearest ones,

when they hold  pleasant surprises,Image result for rain in forest

The lightening glistens its party  lights,

turning me frivolous in delights,

Its splendor never cease to invite,

Music is on the roll,

the Dj thunder’s drums beat,

thawing my heart …

the breeze do never waits ,Image result for rain in forest

it sways in this feeling of ecstasy ,

the leaves do flutter,

as droplets flicker ,

the heavenly steps it takes,

dancing in its magnificence ,

taunting me further.

How can I learn in

such a climate?

Doomed is my Vlsi exam.





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