Types of love.

Interpretation by a nimcompopp.

Love at first sight.(remember Cinderella)

This is something very common ,you feel like you have transcended into earth ,you fought the battle with thousands of semen’s to get a place into mothers womb just to met him/her.

It can happen anywhere in a shopping mall(well this place is infested with cute guys and girls),college,school,temple,church,park,office,bank may be on the pavement as you glance from your car or bus.

those brilliant looks never fail to ensnare your heart turning you frivolous.Its beautiful I know,magnificent bewitching.you might be wondering did he/she conjure you a love potion?.This mainly depends on external appearance.well there are exceptions too

and if you tell me at first sight its infatuation.I would like to kindly bring into your notice that your mom loved you at first sight.

Love getting to know each other.

You may have bumped into him or her, your eyes spoke a thousand stories,his/her presence makes you feel warmer than the fuming fire.This happens as you meet someone ,form an acquaintance. It is mostly an sequel of the love at first sight or may be some stupid awkward incident.Be careful if you hate someone so much you might end up loving them ,(remember?Darcy an lizzy in pride and prejudice).

it may happen in a crack of joke or a spark in her eyeor when your fingers meet for a fraction of second,your dreams your thoughts and every second of you life you feel sunk in her/his thoughts.Food lays forgotten so does family,in airy dreams of love ,those silent gestures of care ,her/his preference rendering you into a quaffed feeling ,at times staunch torn apart in confusion,Does she /he love you or not?

Those silent awkward smiles,simply without a reason finds it place in your lips,feeling special,without any reason in particular.

Love after understanding.

You seem to him/her their action etched an everlasting mark on your heart leaving you dumbstruck ,drawn towards them like a iron attracted to magnet.At this stage everything seems to be special those normal eyes may look like fountains of kindness ,the softer than any fairy ,at times makes you wonder is she/he a celestial being.you may turn totally absurd,love is a fantasy of absurdness .Even creepers and grass sings the finest music where your lips sync with his/her memories .You seem to realize their faults still love is blind you forgive them easily.

Love is perhaps blind ,there is no way denying it…..Romeo Juliet’s proliferate this city.You would start falling into astounding daydreams.You seem to devise plans to propose him/her.

Love after marriage
This is my parents love story.Maybe almost all our parents love story.It starts when their parents decide a guy/ girl for their future really common in India where if you fall in love ,there is no greater sin.You walk in there initially irritated with frustration embracing you wondering how can a you can ever love a girl/guy you have never met before.

Case 1: men.
You are pushed into a car by your parents accompanied with constant giggles from your friends and cousin( inevitable,half the population might be acquainted
with these giggles coz our friends pester us with these remarks every time we see a girl/guy).
You feel nothing more than a pig sitting there and there you find the girl of your dreams with a tray of coffee or she will stand there, her mom will give you coffee.No privacy infested by elders still your heart is snared by her already.
You are converted more precisely into a joker ,draping all those long filthy 5 meter cloth over your small body ,ridiculous is what you feel.All those metal in name of gold, your parents life earnings will be showcased on you.You tread out like a traditional goddess acting like a good damsel.But as you see the guy sitting around nervous trying to glance at you your heart skips a beat spelling he is your king.

The love starts here.They gotta understand each other ,get to know each other just because your parents designed your destiny.
You are pulled under same roof together to fall in love…

Ps:if there is any mistake do tell me.


17 thoughts on “Types of love.

  1. This was truly fun to read….my fav type is love getting to know eachother…you know that feeling when two people have feelings that are mutual….the butterflies in the stomach… its unexpressed but felt sooo deeply that you barely get out of it….loved it girl β™‘πŸ‘ :))

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