Just a glimpse.(my first proposal)

I am just like every other writer,my eyes always set out on a stringent hunt for stories and end up penning tales of my friends without their prior acknowledgment .And at last when they come to know about my stealthy attitude,they normally sport me an exasperated look remarking you never change.

I give them blank stares arguing don’t I have the right to pen your stories .Their colossal frustration normally breaks into an haughty laugh.

But now my friend has opted to narrate my a glimpse from his life story,when I complained, I am running out of real life stories .First let me introduce him to you.

Aathe is what we call him,his name is Aatheshwaran .He is a guy well known for his brains.(I prefer to call him my computer booklet,yes of course he beats Hermione Granger when it comes to skill).

He is canny no denying it,yes obviously I am jealous of him,unfortunately he is so tall inducing a fatuous sense of standing next to Eiffel tower,well I am not sure is it because I am too short or he is too tall in either way I feel pathetic.


His frivolous and amenable attitude makes him an endearing friend of yours within few hours you get acquainted to him.

He is so easy to get along trustworthy and a big sweetheart.I can count it as a blessing to have such an admirable friend .

Well my best friend Aathe is like that,like this….I may pen down a 7000 words essay and still I will not run out of words,such an amiable guy he is.A guy of character ,my friend.

Now let me narrate you a small incident from his life
It is drizzling ,my school consists of an array of large old trees inducing a zest due to its glimmering charm.The withered leaves lays forgotten on the lane,shrieking and crumpling as we step on it.I dazed at the sky which was growing darker,I know it is too inappropriate to feel like this on the day of biology practicals.

The bell rang the trepidation augmented every passing second. I stood there waiting for my experiment with batting breath.

The practicals commenced ,almost everyone was dissecting the flower they got.I was too following the suit,but my eyes wandered unanimously ,my eyes raced towards the girl who sat next to me.we sat near the open window to the farthest left.The external who was roaming around and the fellow students who was pursuing dissection was eluded from my mind.She. sat there,her hair brushing my forceps slowly swaying with the ramblings of wind.

I regained myself resuming my experiment .how stupid I was I wondered .I reckoned myself and got along within seconds.
The flower in her hand caught my attention and my eyes reluctantly turned towards the girl who gripped it,my eyelids flared .She was several times more gorgeous than the flower she held ,hibiscus.

Her eyelids engrossed in dissecting the flower.A delicate mild breeze lurked in,the flower fluttered away from her hand and settled near my leg,like a puppy treading towards its owner it came to me.

I stared at her blankly eyes locked for a second .She then whisked away diverting her gaze from me to the flower staring at me accusingly  as a stealthy theif who snatched her flower from her.
Our eyes raced to the flower which remained leaning and hugging my foot.Our hands flung towards the flower touching for a brief second sending a shrill through my spine.
She sniggered removing her hand fast.

I stared at her a second blinking my eyes reassuringly .I knelt down taking it in my hands delicately giving it the realm from the depth of heart.She might have expected me to hurl it on the table in front of her.Who would ever discard a beautiful flower like that on a table?

I kept it with me for second with my heart intriguing whether to place it on the table or give it to her,failing indefinitely to take an decision. My eyes gazed at her brilliant eyes ,I made my decision she deserves the flower.I extended my hand in a typical proposal style,my heart reverberating .Can I hear wood nymphs sing? Or lanterns glimmering. My eyes twinkled in glee .The strands of her hair obstructed her eyes which she slowly pushed back,her eyes sported me a quizzical look which spelled that she was colossally baffled.

Almost everything happened within a fraction of a second ,you would require a slow motion camera to witness all these deliberately .her frown broke into a big large simile.She alighted and stepped forward.I handed over her flower to her gazing at her.She accepted it gleaming and kept it close to her.I was long lost in the ecstasy of bliss,skimming in its clouds .

Then as usual ,I felt blank ,void ..I forgot everything I learnt.
Well ,for godsake ,I was the personal favorite of our internal examiner.She helped me scrap through.
After the exam the girl walked away without an backward glance.Ripping my heart in two, for it was a silent proposal, which etched an everlasting mark in my heart.


The end….

Was this your first proposal Aathe ?
Yes it was my first proposal,well my only proposal till this very day.

Do you love her?

I did.

What happened to her ?
She already had a boyfriend.

This is Aathe’s story….I will be back with on just a glimpse with several stories of my friends lives.
This is his you tube channel.


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