Unbounded 16

I stare at the ceiling wondering at the pathetic turn of events ,everything was normal until that fatal day I strolled into the crime site.My head moaned in pain,inflicted by continuous fatal intriguing thoughts that kept resonating.My heart indignantly yelled with slithering pain.I am a perfect dunce who fell in love with Mr prince charming,who never bothered to bestow me the merest satisfaction of an acknowledgement ,when he left,or perhaps ignored to gratify my ego by a mere wave of hand called good bye.

Eluding trainer from my memory is worse than swallowing a fulsome through of bubo tuber pus.”Oh my trainer” my heart bellowed,”go screw yourself” my brain ranted. I must move on I repeated alighting from my bed,though the clock struck twelve,my eyes nowhere seemed to be affected by the inundation of time.I surveyed my wardrobe if there was anything left  to be unpacked .There was quite a wholesome pile,inducing a strange sense of giddiness ,which I normally encounter when I have to deal with the aftermath of my procrastination. “phew”I spurted out an exasperated shriek ,unpacking packages in a snail pace.Domineering them is hard ,I desperately desired if Ted can give me a hand ,but asking him a favor in midnight was hilarious,well I wont ask him,he shouted at me and I am really ,fervently mad at him.

I perpetrated hither and thither staggering around arranging books,dresses,shorts and shoes .I proudly take out my most sacred set of perfumes,my esteemed collection,Dad has packed an exotic perfume for which I have pondered him all along. Among the packages was my largest poster of dearest Daniel(harry potter) my first ever,indeed the only crush until the stupid trainer lurked into my life.

”Omg ,how cute he looks”I cried in glee.Pestering the poster with an onerous kiss.A mere kiss on a filthy poster seemed to fortify me,triggering my alacrity .”I feel better” I declared ,importuning to his picture”why don’t you love me?”. I am an absurd fan of Daniel,well all harry potter fans are absurd I am just one among them.I tread to the kitchen gabbling to myself,I felt like myself after a long gap.Just by kissing Daniels poster if I am so very lost in its bliss,How would it be if I really get to kiss him. “for god sake Amy stop daydreaming” I reckoned myself smirking at my pliable absurdness.Traipsing from my room to kitchen isn’t easy,but I am provided with no alternative because I am dying out of thirst.

I would have preferred a cozy three roomed apartment to this large voluminous house.This place induce a strange gruesome feeling of dwelling in a haunted mansion.I scurried forward,I must admonish myself if that woman might be lurking on that farthest corner.The kitchen was dark my hands prowl on the wall searching for the switchboard to turn on the light .

But suddenly someone gripped me hard,I felt something hard pressed against my hip. I knew exactly what it was a gun,A gruesome horror strikes me ,Can I never be happy…?. ” Move”the person who caught me whispered. I stood there petrified with fear flooding my veins.




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