Him or am I me.(darkest series)

The darkness enciphered the lonely streets .I cut my way through the road where the street lights flickered inducing a strange sense of foreboding .My depression was taking its toll on me. I took a deep breath trying to hold my senses which were drifting aloof .The sanity seemed to deprive me ,however I concentrated…

What is that u did

What is that u did??? A magic… Or perhaps a spell… Here I lay bewitched…

Loving you every second

Astray in your blue eyes, Drunk in your enticing looks, Spell bound I pen my love, A million fairy tales on our life together…..anagha.m


Can she live without him? She questioned herself Slouching in a withered couch, Confused she was,losing self. Pampered was she? At the dynamic alliteration . Or tantalized by infatuation, Perhaps may be worse Was she in love? Dark deep cut ripping Her flesh ,his stares… Dynamic hidden smiles Fathomless naughty grins. Seducing he was,his smile….