Can she live without him?
She questioned herself
Slouching in a withered couch,
Confused she was,losing self.

Pampered was she?
At the dynamic alliteration .
Or tantalized by infatuation,
Perhaps may be worse
Was she in love?

Dark deep cut ripping
Her flesh ,his stares…
Dynamic hidden smiles
Fathomless naughty grins.

Seducing he was,his smile.
Can she ever infer his feelings?
Is she in love ?
Definitely not.

Or may be…
mixed feelings did attack her.
Unable to jump into conclusion
She dreamt vividly if he was hers.

Him or her life ?
She moved nearer
Her fingers brushing him.
Silently a shiver traipsed down her spine.
One last time she promised.

Closing her eyes ,
Inhaling his spicy odor
Renovating her nerves.
She pushed a spoonful of noodles into her mouth.
The taste she adored since a kid
Lingered on her lips
Love u Maggie .
U may not be healthy
but still who doesn’t love 2 minute Maggie noodles.
The perfect taste …she grinned at diet coke..
Like an ex boyfriend.

A foodie never change...


33 thoughts on “Fallen

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  1. Hehe. Nice touch at the end, Anagha. 🙂 🙂

    And loved reading your post after such a long time. Vivid and rich and full of life with the chosen words. Keep taking care of yourselves. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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