What is that u did


What is that u did???
A magic…
Or perhaps a spell…
Here I lay bewitched…

Why do I smile..??
Without a reason
Like I have turned crazy ….
Making me lousy…

Why do I melt
Why does my resistance shatter…
The very moment
you pass my side..

What is that u have???
That makes me
Lose myself…
At your very stare..

What is that
Makes me unaware
That there are people around
When you are nearby…

What is that
Perfume you use…
Which like a magnetic core
Draws me to you….

How did you…??
Get into my dreams.
And in my resonating thoughts
Every passing second..

What in you
Makes me uncomfortable
I burn hot…and shiver cold
As you brush me.

What is that
Prick me hard…
When you smile
At an other girl…

Why do I have
These mixed feelings
Of fear anxiety and excitement…
At the very thought of you

Oh please do tell me…
What is that u did???
For you drive me crazy…
In wanting you …
Why can’t I think of anything other than u????

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