happy birthday my dearest ones.


Words fall short,I feel blank,because I am not sure if words can provide as an apt medium to describe her.Her care affection,her character personality ,her lovely charm lurking in her voice sets her apart.My bugsie,my sister, my best friend, my best buddy who in spite of her busy schedule and work load finds time for me.Simply every second she makes me love her more.

She is an blessing the WordPress bestowed on me.She is someone I will never part with anyone.I came across her in Nitin’s blog.Thanks Nitin for being the reason who made me meet my lovely sister,We started speaking about harry potter somewhere in the deepest corner of my heart I liked her.Her poems were astounding with a mind blowing vocabulary.Her words defined her,howbeit I realized she was a million yards sweeter than any poem could express.

She is a singer,not just a mere singer,the best.Ask me who is your favorite singer?

It is my pratz.Sorry even the world’s best singer doesn’t sing half the way good as my darling sister.

A voice that makes an identity for herself.I have heard the music erupting from the cord of her throat ,melting the listeners in the bliss of her melodious tune.She works with a band,well all these are just her past time.She is an IT professional who is struggles with her hectic work schedule.She is strong hardworking,she sketches,she writes,she sings,she is a poet……

above all….she has a heart that loves.

She was one of the best thing that happened to me.She may not be my blood but she is more we are sisters by soul.

I want to be near you.

if I write….I will write forever.

I love you sister,I adore you love you.lucky and proud to be your sister…wish you a happy birthday.



how about a trip to Andromeda galaxy?just to meet our milky way’s neighbor.

Let god bestow all the happiness in your life…..

I dont have anything to give you other than my prayer and love

With love

your stupid bugsie



He has my favorite god’s name.He is a lovely friend,but whenever I speak to him .I always laugh,his sarcasm is awesome.He is an amazing critic,how well he writes on politics .

A realistic,funny fellow,an book lover.

Above all an Harry potter fan(the trait I love the most in him).

speaking to him,time speeds away so fast,he is an interesting fellow….an awesome friend….wonderful he is…..

HaPpY BiRtHdAy….,,hope you find your radha…..and hope you achieve your dreams


with love

your friend anagha.

A star was born on this day,

for this was called a birthday,

The trees sways with the symphony

of Mr breeze to just whisper a happy

birthday ,In this day,

the rivers play duet with

striking rocks,

the pianoforte on the sand

to play a happy birthday song.

the birds chirp with

lovely grasshoppers background score

declaring you birthday greetings.

and my heart beats

with a lub and tub

spelling you a happy birthday



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  1. Reblogged this on naughtyinnocence and commented:
    My bugsie !!!! I love you to the moon and back 😊😊😊😊. I am speechless to describe how overwhelming it is !!! I believe no other person can describe their love for me in words better than you. You are the best and the sweetest sister I ever had. I love you loads bugsie . Always thinking of your well being and including you in all my prayers. God bless you my darling !!! πŸ™‚

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