princess…not a dream anymore


she is no princess you

ever discerned about,

no unfurling curls,

nor golden locks descending,

down her fair shoulders.


She posses no complexion

of the  palest of pink,

her spindly attire ,

nay delineated to

allure any vagabond heart.


the descendant she isn’t

of an humongous empire,

she is no offspring with blue blood

or a silver spoon juggling on her lips.

Her soul besmirched by awning of lineage.


dainty ,her lashes never were

her stare don’t inundate you either

damsel in distress she never was

never deluged in ecstasy of prince charming

never did interminable gowns drape her,.


but she is a princess,

I adore……

her breath mixed with fire,

her stare would burn one alive

her pupils flared in glistening red

her skin outlined by hardest bronze

she is nay soft,

but the queen of her clan,

breathing the smoke of fear,

outliving the hurdles of life,

falling down a thousand times,

never crying or breaking down,

deprivation and injustice she did face

molding herself in her desolation

wandering through unpaved paths,

weathered and sunburned with unhealed scars

worn and torn she did survive

with an aura of power radiating from her traits

she is the princess

the warrior princess…






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