Why I write?

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This is what I have been asking myself all along.It remains a useless work ,obviously time consuming .Being an engineer ,writing is no way related to my stream.

Do I write for likes ?

No,yes…to be frank if you like my post it means its kind of readable and indeed not gibberish.

I write though mom and dad are completely against writing.I sneak stealthily as if committing a horrendous crime just to write.Image result for confused baby face

Why do I like writing so much?

May be because I am crazy on writing,or perhaps it might  be due to immense love for reading.

Or it helps me cry out my feelings,I needn’t curtail it in my heart.

It is an ecstasy to immerse yourself in joy of writing when your imagination transforms into words flowing down faster than you would expect.

poetry is a charm ,where tears and frustration poured out in form of poetry, relieves my heart from burden I have been carrying all along.

not just tears ….joy,depression,hatred,love ,agony,confusion ,excitement,fantasies,musings all these feelings are converted into words.

it helps me to think rethink in being me.

The greatest reason why I write

I feel happy when I write,that is why I do it.

Without writing?

NOOOOOOoOOOO…..Image result for confused baby face

I just cant imagine a life like that..

I am not sure if I write well or not but still I write,because I don’t think I can even breath if I stop writing….

without writing I will perish.



then why do I blog?

Is that a question????I am addicted

answer is simple it is because I love you all,you always pay heed to my writing how ever drowsy and boring it is.I am literary in love with your comments.

Image result for confused baby face

Again wasting time when academics are taunting me?There is a huge pile of homework to be done.Not sure how I am gonna complete it.

Still I write,still I blog,

though I know it is wrong.

With love

Anagha murali

why do you write?


38 thoughts on “Why I write?

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  1. Writing is good therapy. It helps me organize my thoughts and feelings. It’s definitely a worthwhile exercise that humanity should engage in more often. I actually believe it makes us better people to keep a private diary as opposed to a blog. A blog is a great exercise, but in a different vein – opening yourself to criticism. A diary is writing you only know about, where you keep those secret things or those things you’re not ready to share just yet. Public or private, it’s an edifying past

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      1. Oh, I would think that you are. You care alot about things, so you would care to try to do a good job, and you read alot, so you’re educating yourself in many ways. Probable signs of a good engineer. It’s nice to have a profession to fall back on, which could pay well to support your writing on the side!

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