The Christmas present

It was a cold Christmas eve, I walk back home late after shopping as my car broke down .I could have hired a cab but I preferred to walk alone in order to have some time with myself.The December has always been my favorite month.My Stefan’s birthday falls on this month ,Christmas.My kids Tony and Tiffany is born on this month almost every incident or memory that instills happiness ย happened during this month .I darted through the snow ,the whole place looks cheerful happily decorated with lingering beauty with a canopy of snow on everything. The little kids running around,A smile spreading across every passing face.The shops engulfed with customers ,kids crying for toys.The large Christmas cake with splendid icing taunting every customer shone through the glass pane of the bakeries.There were barbie dolls ,toys of every type and little toy trains gushing through little bridges making kids more violent throwing tantrums in demanding parents Christmas presents.There was cheer and laughter everywhere around me.

It was a Christmas eve when I first met Stefan I can exactly remember he was wearing a red sweatshirt with faded jeans.I was on shopping with mom juggling with the shopping packages I bumped on a tall guy throwing my packages on either sides falling on him pushing him to the pavement. We landed on a bulk of snow which covered my strands of hair I glanced at the guy on whom I lay those perfect green eyes were staring at me.My mom helped me to get up and was apologizing to that guy .He jerked the snow off his shirt and volunteered to carry our packages to the car.I gave him a sideways stare and looked away blushing when I found him staring at me .I learned that his name was Stefan from the conversation .

I met him almost every where I went ,he waved at me I returned him a smile we were acquainted with each other soon.We hanged out together .It was a Christmas day midnight he proposed to me pulling me off the crowd.We were married soon after that.We worked hard to build what we have now,Our first Christmas together we had nothing but love our presents were simple.We worked hard saved every penny .When Tiffany was born she was our world Stefan would always have a present for Tiffany she would wait until late night .Tony and Tiffany always quarrel with each other even during Christmas.Kids grew up they moved apart they didn’t quarrel with each other they rarely spoke with each other.Tiffany is in Harvard and Tony is with Stefan .download

Stefan is always busy life changed I rarely got to meet him.Today my kids and Stefan will be home I can get to see them the day I was looking forward to I was not able to hold back my happiness .I pushed the door with my ย chest puffed with happiness,but the house looks deserted I called out to Stefan and kids no one answered.Tears gushed down my cheeks when the memory resonated back to me. My Stefan and kids died in a car crash before three years when we were returning after Tiffany’s graduation.I was the only survivor I wish I didnt survive .I threw the shopping bag I sat there soaked in tears for hours.My happiness drained away from me.It was my servant Lily ย who was picking up presents and pacifying me.Lily was a too young, single mother to her kids she worked hard to bring them up after her husband abandoned her.I gave her a look of sympathy though my grief was overcoming me .The reason why I survived dawned upon me.”Lily “I called “why don’t you come and stay with me.”She looked at me with astonishment “but”she muttered. “Havent you told me you consider me as your elder sister go ahead dear bring your kids”.

My life changed their laughter wiped off my sorrows. The little kids running around the Christmas tree cheered me up.. Lily was happy because her kids will not be hungry any were happy because of the enormous amount of toys and a large house to live .I am happy because I have a reason to live now .They are my best Christmas gift ever,thank you Santa….



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