unbounded 17

Image result for lonely girl in a forestThe cold metal was pressed against my hip.My brain warned me that the armed person behind me is not here momentarily with good intentions.About 18 years of being a cop’s daughter I am not new to such scenarios but held at gun point all alone,this is maiden for sure.

“move”the person beside me instructed .My hands lay bare jerking furiously.I stood there transfixed,as my nerves instantaneously malfunctioned turning out numb

the armed person pressed the gun on to me further ,jerking away my wayward thoughts which led me into a fit of abrupt stillness.I gasped.

“move I said”the voice sounded more stern and urgent.

I gulped hard obeying him because I ran out of option,as my intuition cautioned me that the person wouldn’t think twice to shoot me dead.

Trembling like a leaf I followed his instructions walking out of the house ,my leg heaved more than voluminous heap of rocks.

The darkness blinded me sending creeps down my abdomen.The rain slashed against my face as torrents,muffling up the noise of footsteps,even a shriek or cry might not help Ted or granny differentiate my voice from the ramblings of the rain.I cursed rain for the first time in my life.

My eyes crept on for a frailest way to escape,every plan ended up on to the same conclusion of me getting shot.I can see two more people and a car waiting for us.holy_ I know I am doomed.Only if someone kicked the gun away I prayed.

Splush ,the gun lay stashed at the gravel ,rest of the things happened within a fraction of a second.

When I looked up I am safe in the arms of an handsome well built guy.Pinned against his chest as the rain fluttered down I can feel his hot breath ,sending sparks.His wet clothes caressing mine,clothes stuck to his drenched in rain.I stared into those large black eyes.”stupid”I scolded myself regaining my consciousness.
I pulled myself apart from him,though it was hard refraining myself from such a hot shot ,suddenly someone brandished a knife tearing the flesh on my right arm,my blood dropped down with rain clearly visible even in the glistening moonlight.I can witness the anger outlining the peaceful eyes that looked at me.he threw himself at the person with the knife.An other person came running out of nowhere with drawn out knife aimed at the handsome guy.I kicked at his abdomen making him collapse.
“Thanks” the guy mumbled withering the mud from his shirt.
“Did they go” I asked.
” I hope so” he answered.
“Are you OK?”he asked examining my hand,his touch swarmed up a bunch of butterflies in my stomach.
“Yep”I answered.
The lights in my house turned on
“You must go” he said.
“Why don’t you come with me?”I asked.
“Don’t let it out that I helped you”he said kissing me forehead “be safe ” he whispered before vanishing into darkness.
Ted came out running with granny struggling to keep up with his pace.I stood there gawking at the way the mysterious guy went perhaps my knight in a shining Armour.
Ted looked concerned”Are you alright ?” He asked.
I answered “yes” walking inside.
He checked the woods stating that there is no one around.
He hugged me saying”I am sorry” startling me,he usually never explicitly expresses his emotions.
He sat there tending to my wound as I explained granny and Ted everything about endeavor carefully omitting the portions that involved the boy.it sucks to take credit for others toil.
Ted shot me an unbelievable look ,but didn’t pursue further.Granny’s eyes filled with tears I knew she was proud of me.
I sneaked into my room stretching myself on the bed after a hot shower,the events raced back infiltrating my memory.
The guy who saved me,I wish he was my trainer but he wasnt.The boy had fine features but he wasn’t my trainer for sure.

the rain splattered on my window ,I stare on to the extending darkness asking questions,who is he?why did he save me?How did he know I was in trouble?I laughed at myself stating he was super hot,his memory made my stomach curl.
I encountered a strange deja vu feeling that I have come across him before.
I closed my eyes with a pang of guilt”I did not even thank him”it was then reality dawned on me I didn’t even ask him his name…”ouch”my hand stings in pain.

lost touch with the story ,or missed few parts

The preceding parts click here


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