Aaliya turns 21.

Aaliya turns 12 sorry 21…perhaps she looks like a twelve year old..
My bony best friend turns 21 today.
I am not speaking about Aaliya batt but about Aaliya bai.


How she came to my life

she was more beautiful than any other girl in the crowd.Her beautiful eyes lurking out through the veil.Seriously ,in my college girls with good looks are scanty.
I am not faltering her ,she is one among those perfect girls.
She sat with me for months we weren’t close until.

The Fatal day…
The whole college was against her,poor girl she was innocent well no one believed her….I think that was when we started strolling out together.

I am still not sure…perhaps we were destined to be best pals.
Life wasn’t a bed of roses we were there for each other all along.Now it is nearly about 4 years.

She never left me alone…in late hours during placements,while retest and so on….she was patient and waited for me.I have no one I can call as a best friend in that college more than her.I have a lot of friends but she is my soul friend …something you could tell ,…feel the bond.

All she asked was for my time and love….but I don’t give her enough  of both either.

Aaliya is delicate like a kid,
Innocent and fragile,
With a heart sewn with threads of gold.
Happy birthday dear.
You are the best thing that happened to me in life.


Best friends forever…..
Wish you all the happiness and joy in your life

With love


12 thoughts on “Aaliya turns 21.

  1. Thank anagha…my soulmate….this is really a surprise….in my life i have crossed many people…even many fake friends….but no one till now understood me like u did…u are such an amazing friend having wonderful character and heart everone would get jealous of and i am so happy and even so proud that i got u but no one inthe world does.. 🙂 i have no enough words to express how i feel…..

    Enik enth parayanamenn ariyila ente anu mole…lobe uuuuu :*

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  2. Yea I do agree….d most beautiful barbie gal alliya…sry fa d delay…anywayz b thick n thin as alwaz…wishng yu anthr successful yr ahead kiddy….

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