Unbounded 18

The sunlight crept in through the teeny breach amidst the drawn out curtains which seemed to disturb my weary slumber. The long not so fancy expensive curtains did try to provide a notion of darkness though the tiny rays succeeded in its attempt to wake me up .I lay on my back pertaining to thought.

I cuddle pressing my knees on my stomach as my tired limbs ache like hell.I can hear rain splashing against my window trying its very best to subside my anxiety. I push open the windows allowing cold humid air to gush through my clothes, making me feel unclothed. Nature seems to unnerve me,I leer out of the window observing the exquisite alluring beauty of large old green trees with moss sheathed bark. The little birds perching and chirping on the branches ,it revels in its own shrimp world.I can’t deny  the fact I started to derive pleasure from the surroundings.Image result for lonely girl in winter

Ted was tending the cut ,I thought of grabbing this opportunity to vent out my queries.I cleared my throat ” Who do you think attacked me yesterday ?”

“May be someone who wants to hush your dad up”he answered without taking his eyes off my wound.

“Who might it be ?”I asked luring him to answer .”you seemed to expect them,I found you vigilant even before they attacked me”.

“Nothing you should comprehend about”he replied with tiny lines of annoyance visible on his fair brow.

“They tried to attack me,why is that I shouldn’t know who it is”I retorted raging with fury .

“Leave me alone girl”he roared cutting me short.

He never shouts at me.I pulled my hand from his grasp and stormed out before he could realize that I am startled.

If Ted cares about me he will follow me,I thought , turning around to find Ted hastening behind me, wrapping his jacket around him.

I just cant help grinning to myself at the lame satisfaction.

If Ted doesn’t answer, I must find someone who can.The mysterious guy,he must know.I know Ted is hiding things from me but it is not cinch to drive information out of hard core cops like dad and Ted.

“Amy ,I am sorry let us go inside .It is not safe here.”Ted pleaded.

“Unless you provide me with answers you cant expect me inside”I bellowed walking away.

“That gives me no other option other than to follow you”he said.

“Still you are not gonna answer my questions”I cried hitting him hard on his biceps.

He smiled walking beside me.It wasn’t long before we were stalked by an old couple who pestered us with questions about our whereabouts and was continually ranting about their stodgy history.I can assume from their conversation that they considered Ted as a suitor for their daughter.Ted’s good looks and good nature can bewitch anyone.

I slipped  fast abandoning Ted to the bragging of the boring old couple.I stroll through the deserted lane.The creepers awning the fences proffering me with pulchritudinous feeling .This place is indeed in contrast to the city in which  I was nested. Human habitation is really fragile providing it aura of prepossessing charm.Finally I saw a house ,I ambled towards it to find a mortal being at last.He was slouching towards the jeep engine .I recognized him,I recognized those strong hands that gripped me last night ,the guy who saved me(My knight in a shining armor).The mysterious guy who ventured into peril to save me.

Exhilaration canopied my heart.I fell short of words at an inexpressible happiness “hi….err…Excuse me,Can I please have a word?”

He looked away stating “get lost you stupid ,I don’t have anything to do with you”.

I was taken aback.I walked away without turning back.I wish no one saw me being grounded.”What an insolent rude attitude?”I cursed under my breath,perhaps I deserve it,I am an absurd fool who took an unwary step to get answers from a stranger.Thank god this place has feeble human habitation ,which turns out to be a blessing in disguise,but still wondering what I did  to displease him.

I felt a pang in my heart,the rude words seems to reverberate in my head,engraving my fury ,rage and dejection to its hike.I just want to run back to Ted,everyone kind of started hating me for past few days,I don’t need any knight in a shining armor .

I am good on my own.I turn around I was startled to find myself facing the mysterious guy.I can feel my breast nearly brushing him,his hot breath sending shivers down my spine,his chest was bare which was a feature I left to notice when I saw him a minute before.A sweat or two outlined his well built six pack.

The distance between us was dangerously deficient.My heart skipped a beat.I looked into those watery eyes fervently shaking head to foot,his alluring charm, brown untamed hair,those seducing eyes…The intimacy felt good,he was shirtless and hot.

I pushed myself apart though it was hard .I tried to look elsewhere as I realized I was staring at him all along,but he stared at me upright sending goose bumps down my throat.It was getting uncomfortable.

He shook his head diverting his stare may be it has got into his head he was making me feel uncomfortable,too late I am already suffocating in his stare.

“I am sorry ,I mistook you for someone else”he apologized with an expression totally unreadable.

how can he be rude to someone without even looking at their face.. I thought.

“It was an miscue ,I..hope this can cheer you up”he said handing me a mango.

I looked at him earnestly,”I know you ,you were the one who plucked mango from the yard behind the cafe.”I said snatching mango from him”You looked different then,may because you were dressed up,not like..”I glanced at his bare chest averting my glance fast.

he chuckled..”we study in same college,how is your hand,is it okay”he asked with concern sweeping over his face.

“I am okay,How did you know I was in peril ?,Why did you help me?”I blurted unable to hold my tongue back anymore.

“You ask too many questions”he said nodding,as his eyes nervously glancing at the pastures. A typical attitude when someone wants to hide something,dad taught me when I was little.

“Answer me”I said stern.

“Somethings are better unsaid”he said cautiously,”I can only tell you are in more danger than you would ever decipher to be,It is complicated.I am not sure how you got involved”speaking later lines to himself thoughtfully.

“My dad is a cop”I said expecting if I can root something out.

“That doesn’t explain anything,It is dangerous,your life is in peril”he repeated.

“Amy please be safe “he said earnestly.

I cursed under my breath…

“What did you say?”he asked.

“nothing,see you in college then”I said running away averting the awkward situation,he was hot but I am not ready to fall for any guy again in my life.I have already learnt my lesson,I have put a full stop to all this nonsense after trainer and how insane I am too stare at a guy like this,god please forgive me.he saved me I owe him a debt.His words stirred me someone wants me dead both Ted and he knows who it is,if it is not related to dad who wants me dead.I haven’t did anything wrong.I leap back waving shouting out a thanks still confused.

He stood there gawking at the girl who seemed to allure him more than any other being in the world,her tiny head,those large eyes,her curves visible beneath her loose tees.Her little body that eased beneath her careless clothes,her makeup free skin etched an everlasting impact on him.She was a naughty kid,with untamed curls and ephemeral smile,her grit and guts was something remarkable he witnessed yesterday,she didn’t falter when people attacked her,something rare,she didn’t collapse or cry .She was more stronger than any girl he ever saw.she for sure didn’t need a man,but he somewhere deep felt he needed her.Something in that eyes beneath those dainty lashes,indeed enticed him,he was falling in love for the very first time in life with a girl whose life he knows is at stake.


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    1. anaghamurali says:

      Thanks a lot, I am really glad you read it though it was a little long.thanks again dear.

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      1. For a reader like me it was only an amazing read,not a long read.lol.

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      2. anaghamurali says:

        you made my day dear

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  1. very well written….next part??

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      Really happy you liked it,Any mistakes in my writing please do tell..

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      1. ey, flow is good… nice story!!

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      2. anaghamurali says:

        next part my fav part is on its way

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      3. aaah…poratte poratte!!

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      4. anaghamurali says:

        I am motivated…

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  2. You are an adept writer, Anagha. You excel at choosing good vocabulary and of course framing them perfectly. What more can I say in words of your appreciation. Loved reading it. ❤☺

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      Thanks dear Shreya …..Love u loads

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  3. Indira says:

    “He needed her”….I liked it 😊

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      I am really glad you liked it…dont forget to read the other parts please….

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      1. Indira says:

        Sure…will read! 🙂

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  4. NJ says:

    This was great story 🙂 I would love to read the second installment for this 🙂

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      thank you..it is on its way


  5. I did not understand, why someone is wanting to harm the girl ?
    What is the dad involved ? Who is Ted ? Who is the other stranger ?


  6. Hello I have visited this blog and commented on this post. Please check your spam box for my comment.


  7. I was saying this is a real Mysterious story. Why did someone want to kill the girl ? Did he Knight in white, fall in love with her and married her ?
    Who is Ted in all this ?

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    1. anaghamurali says:

      Thanks dear cattie for reading…..and i am really tbankful u read whole post…..luv u fr dat….check this link it will answer a lot of questions http://wp.me/s71FDp-1987…..
      Thanks again….lovely dog….

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  8. Awesome job !!! It has suspense and great characters with an incredible plot . Great combination !


  9. Ananya says:


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    1. Ananya says:

      More pleeeassssseee!!😁😁😁

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      1. anaghamurali says:

        thanks dearest ananya….I love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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      1. Ananya says:

        You’re welcome!!😊


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