valentines day present…..

early hours of dawn,

sun beams tickling the dark draw on,

snoring underneath my cot,

I lie dreaming a lot.


As my vibrating phone calls,

my splendid slumber drawls….

hearing some knock on my window,

I pace away from my pillow…..


cursing my cat I glance,

through the glass,

my heart skips a beat,

As I see him greet….


rushing to the window ,

smiling and crying alike,

“What the hell ?” I ask….

bewildered and scared I am…


“happy Valentines day baby”he says

my love stands there by my window sill

with bouquet of rose, a card..

and a gift I long asked for..


he is handsome as hell,

making me gasp as I tell,

but I look like a mess,

I didn’t brush my hair and in my night dress.


“I love u…u look good “he tells,

making me go white as if in his spell,

“love you “I cry,

smiling between my tears…


Rattling noises I hear ….

mommy and dads awake,

I ask him to leave ,

my stupid guy he glance,,,,


“love you “he whispers,

jumping over fence he disappears,

I sit there,staring into dark…

with a heart fluttering stark…


I read the card smiling like crazy,

recollecting the ways he,

made me happy….

and my heart bellows,

thats my boy,he belongs to me,

my guy my valentine….






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