story not meant to be told


I collapse into my couch resting my tired limbs ,my purse and mobile lays forgotten beneath the shambles of papers .I can feel sweat tickle my brow though the temperature has fallen several degrees below freezing .My eyes tread through my house everything was within the place I left it, apart from my heart which seems to screech in desolation.

Every nook in this large house held imprints of my lost childhood ,withered teenage and solitary dreary bleak life.I had very few acquaintances,a handful of friends but indeed life was better then.But now the world knows me as the well established business woman.I was not born with a silver spoon ,or inherited business traits from my family.I grew into what I am just in order to avenge those who ruined my childhood,My sole aim is to run a blade into their hearts.

I took a brand new rifle and loaded it.It felt significant and cold in my hand.I can feel blood billowing in my veins, a smile unfolds  in the corner of my lips as I envision their pathetic death,this strength sprouted out of my grief.

I slipped my rifle back into my cupboard.I must nurture patience  to witness their annihilation I told myself.I closed my eyes taking a long breath a tear skipped my eye.I whispered may be the next time.

I walked out of my house I opened my door flashes blinded me as the cameras flickered ,several journalists clicked frantic pics  ,the extended microphones hovered around me ,my words always making headlines because everyone wants to know how a twenty five year old girl build one of the worlds largest business empire.

I simply have one  answer  “vengeance ” ,but I will not confide it to anyone.

The journalists barricaded my way until they were whisked away by my bodyguards.

I smile at the crowd and slip into my Lamborghini Reventon.



57 thoughts on “story not meant to be told

  1. Anagha, I could clearly visualize the glitz, the bgm, the bodyguards.. You have filled in the gap of what urmila’ & rima’s characters should have felt in those films .. I’ll back with the names, temporary amnesia!

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      1. Awww! A big hug for your lovely sis! And with you its soo easy to be sweet and nice Anagha as you’re amazingly awesome and sweet yourself..Thankyou and loads of love :))

        Liked by 1 person

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