Deep in woods

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Embarked on a journey

to the deepest of woods

to unveil the secrets

Stashed in the vehemence of darkness


The woods arent tranquil,

Have you ever harked

to the vociferance of the woods

the soulful utterance of restless conundrum.









Magical chord.

Oh ,prince ambrosial charmer,

you breezed into my heart ,

past a pass, nay a courtesy to inquire,

before you invade my  friable heart……


shattering the resistances I casted with years,

by  mere brandishing of that deep penetrating stare.

That six foot perhaps more stature,

those strong muscled frame which I catch a glimpse

even from your celestial shadow..


Your pride and conceit must have shoved me away,

But miraculously I stand here drooling at you all over,

losing sanity ,I cinch cretinously contrast to my phrenic self…

Cant you feel the same, the dynamics ,the sparks ,that erupt at our mere touch.


Why do you do this to me,my alluring charmer ..

Can’t you notice my urge behind my eyes?

that magical chord that connects us…

you were my spell…my knight,….why don’t you see my pain??


I endure the longing ,hidden in my smile,

silhouetted by your charm,

Your stare never held indifference,but a strange weird trance

where our eyes end up locked,


your voice wasn’t anywhere hoydenish,

but true embodiment of the man you are

remained a canticle to my pathetic self.

you weren’t a love lorn teenager,

nor was I in hunt of a charmer who can sweep me off the floor.


But now I end up questioning my resolve

how it failed pathetically to chuck you out

before you infected my fragile heart.


I  perish wondering if it was all a dream.

Or if the heavens in our favour ,

your hands would ever hold me again.

If my head can rest on your shoulders ever again.

















1 year with WordPress.


I saw this notification today.

I think logging into wordpress was my best decision ever.

It proved even I can write,but I am more thankful to my blogging family.

I have got brothers ,both elder Nitin and younger Mahesh .I got loving sisters.I got my singer sister Pratz,my best friends Viral ,Antara,Saketh ,arti ,shreya,kishan,shyam ,bhaumik , aanchal and darshith……and now karthika…..list goes on.

I must thank akila ,randyjw ,jeni and myheartbeats4ublog ( sorry I dont know your name) for thier constant support.

I thank everyone who read and commented,I also thank you dear friends who gave me likes without even reading the context.

I may not be a great blogger but I am a happy blogger.

I may have not be always active ,I make a lot of mistakes ,my stories at times may have failed to entertain you,but still it helped me learn…I hope I am improving.

Thank  you for support ,patience and love.Sorry if I left out some names blame my poor memory juggling with gate and exam preparations.

With love